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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Xbox customer service, archive #2. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported June 12, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
My grandson has been suspended from playing Xbox until Sunday. He plays with his school friends a lot, and sometimes they report each other out of anger. He's using his godfather's account which shows him as 54, but he's actually 11. I'm concerned because now there's a warning next to his name. He's a good boy and hardly gets in trouble. Can someone please contact me about this situation? I can be reached at [redacted] or via email. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-phare on martedì 12 giugno 2018 13:01
I have been experiencing ongoing harassment from a Pogo employee for over a year. This individual has been interfering with my gameplay, making it impossible for me to progress and enjoy my favorite games. She has been deleting my progress, manipulating the games, and even went as far as removing cards from the deck to prevent me from winning. I have documented these incidents and also captured evidence by taking pictures before she deleted them from my computer. I demand that this employee be held accountable for her actions, as she has caused me distress and financial loss by unfairly affecting my gameplay and token rewards. I am seeking resolution and support in addressing this serious issue promptly.
Reported by GetHuman613490 on mercoledì 13 giugno 2018 08:15
I am experiencing issues with my Xbox account. Despite not engaging in any modding activities, my account, registered under the gamer tag Sasukes Grace on Xbox360, has been tampered with. Recently, after playing Borderlands solo, I received an unexpected communication ban until the twenty-third. Although I refrained from playing, upon logging in today, I discovered that my ban has now been extended until the third of next month. This unjust ban is preventing me from partaking in OPG Practice due to communication restrictions. I am seeking assistance from Xbox to rectify this situation promptly and provide a fair resolution.
Reported by GetHuman800245 on martedì 19 giugno 2018 17:30
Hello, my name is Kate Hockney. I have been billed $10.95 twice a month for the past 7 months for Xbox Live Gold and Microsoft 1 Month Xbox Game Bill under my Visa debit card because my son, Billy Hockney, used it to pay for a bill without my authorization. I want my card removed from the account, a refund for all the charges, and clarification on why this is happening. I allowed only a one-time payment for Billy, and now I am being charged continuously. I have been unable to reach Xbox customer service, and I need this issue resolved promptly. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to resolve this matter. Thank you. Kate H.
Reported by GetHuman-khockney on mercoledì 20 giugno 2018 20:42
I believe it's unfair to require Xbox Live for all players, especially those who struggled to afford just getting an Xbox. I understand the need to generate revenue, but it feels unjust given the cost of purchasing games and apps. It's important to consider those who love gaming but can't easily afford additional expenses. Reversing this decision would benefit many, like me, who were close to unlocking the blockbuster skin at tier 63 only to be asked for Xbox Live after an update. The requirement affects not just Fortnite but also Roblox players. Despite my frustration, I appreciate your efforts and suggest bringing back the "press Y to eject" feature from Xbox [redacted]. Thank you, A hopeful customer
Reported by GetHuman815138 on domenica 24 giugno 2018 05:10
On [March 5, [redacted]], my son used my debit card without my knowledge to make purchases on Xbox thinking it was a credit card. He unintentionally subscribed to a program resulting in charges from March 5th to March 27th. These transactions were made without my consent, and I am seeking a refund as I cannot afford them due to work circumstances. I have already removed my card from the account and ensured my son understands the importance of this issue. We have found a solution for him to purchase Xbox products without using my card. Although my previous refund request was denied by the automated system, I had received initial approval from Xbox before. My gamerhandle is kylerawesomeca, and I had contacted Xbox during the refund period. I await a response and resolution from Xbox on this matter. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Justin K. Father of Kyler K. Email:[redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-amysales on lunedì 25 giugno 2018 11:57
My ten-year-old accidentally deleted his Xbox Live profile from his Xbox [redacted]. We attempted to redownload the profile, but faced issues with the verification code being sent to an old cellphone number no longer in service. After updating the Microsoft account with our new cellphone number, we were informed of a 30-day waiting period for the change to take effect. Unfortunately, this delay caused my son to be unable to access his profile for a whole month, leading me to cancel the gold membership out of frustration. I hope Microsoft can promptly address this issue today without any further delays.
Reported by GetHuman820417 on lunedì 25 giugno 2018 23:35
I purchased a 1-year Xbox Live subscription for $60. When I tried to activate it, I was informed of a $60 fee that I supposedly owe. However, I have only ever bought the annual card. The one time I used a prepaid card with $60 loaded on it, and now I am facing this issue. I want my subscription activated from the purchased card and not be charged for a fee that shouldn't apply to me. I used the prepaid card as a one-time transaction and discarded it later. It shouldn't be repeatedly charged. I would appreciate it if you could enable me to use the new card on Xbox Live. My username is PIMPMAKDADY52, and the card number is NGDT9-GHPKV-VRDBP-B9FR4-TVJK4 for 12 months Xbox Live. Please address this promptly. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-wardleni on mercoledì 27 giugno 2018 00:24
Before escalating this to the Better Business Bureau, I feel it's important to address the ongoing issues within the Black Ops II gaming environment. The presence of "modders" has significantly impacted the quality of gameplay, disrupting the experience for legitimate players like myself. It is disheartening to see this problem persist without adequate intervention. Having invested significantly in Xbox products and services, including consoles, games, and Xbox Live, the recent encounters with disruptive players like Jigy and ThaGamingZombie have been frustrating. The manipulation of lobbies and controls, leading to unfair penalties like probation, is unacceptable. This experience has left my friend and I considering a switch to the PS4 due to these ongoing challenges. As a company, it is crucial to address these issues promptly to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain loyalty. The current situation calls into question the value of purchasing Black Ops 4 if similar issues are not addressed. Your attention to these concerns is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, R.K.
Reported by GetHuman-skaschal on mercoledì 27 giugno 2018 16:59
Hello, I previously bought three months of Xbox Live for $12.99, thinking it was a good deal. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware it would automatically renew every three months at $29.99. I was charged today, but due to unexpected car repair expenses, I can't afford it now. I would like to cancel my current Xbox Live subscription and get a refund.
Reported by GetHuman831979 on venerdì 29 giugno 2018 05:49
We are encountering difficulties installing updates for the following games: Fortnite, Overwatch, Rocket League, and Madden 15. The error message received prompts to "check your internet connection: We had to stop installing. If you're still connected, try installing later, when your network might be faster. (0x87e00005)." Despite thorough Internet checks and attempts at various reset troubleshooting steps, the issue persists. Our high-speed Internet connection during off-peak hours has not resolved the problem. While a wired connection is unavailable due to our complex security network setup, the connection functions without issues for other online gaming and electronic devices. The Xbox One console remains the sole device experiencing this problem.
Reported by GetHuman834904 on venerdì 29 giugno 2018 21:46
My friend and I have been utilizing the Home Xbox feature on the Xbox One to share Xbox Live Gold. Everything was running smoothly for the past 3 months until his membership expired today. Upon renewing his membership, I found that I was unable to access online features. We tried switching our Home Xbox settings back and forth, reset the console and network settings, but the issue persisted. I'm looking for suggestions on how to resolve this problem and regain access to Xbox Live Gold for online play.
Reported by GetHuman840865 on lunedì 2 luglio 2018 07:41
My child's long-time "friend" invited them to a chat party. The friend asked for my child's phone number to join a supposed "third-party" chat on a separate device. My child, trusting their Xbox friend of many years, shared the number. After receiving a code via text, my child unknowingly provided it during the chat. This resulted in two unexpected charges totaling nearly $90 on my phone bill. The "friend" later claimed someone else in the chat had threatened them into doing this. There were five profiles in the chat; three belonging to my child's Xbox friends, and the fifth being the culprit. I am seeking compensation for this situation involving the two individuals responsible. I have the gamertags of all five users involved for reference.
Reported by GetHuman857833 on sabato 7 luglio 2018 14:09
I made a mistake by giving my Fortnite account details to someone who turned out to be a scammer. As a result, my Xbox account "ac9balla" was taken from me. I attempted to quickly log in to my Microsoft account to change my password, but it seemed like my associated Gmail was no longer linked to my Xbox account. It appears the scammer unlinked my account from my email and linked it to theirs. When I try to sign in with my Gmail, it seems like I am creating a new Xbox account. I have tried the recovery process, but it was challenging to gather all the required information quickly. I attempted to provide the most accurate information during the recovery process, but I fear it may not be enough. I am hoping for assistance in reclaiming my stolen account.
Reported by GetHuman-acballe on lunedì 9 luglio 2018 08:47
I recently purchased a new Xbox One for my brother, but we are struggling with technical issues. While setting it up yesterday, I encountered difficulties updating it as it repeatedly showed an "update failed" message. Consequently, I attempted to reset the Xbox, leading to ongoing problems. Upon trying to power it on, the Xbox takes approximately 10 minutes to load, only to display a black screen with the error message "System error. Contact customer support. E[redacted]00EF [redacted]0." Despite my efforts to resolve this, including visiting, I have not found a solution. This situation is causing us frustration, as I have never faced similar issues with my own Xbox One. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman863923 on lunedì 9 luglio 2018 19:02
Recently, my Xbox had audio issues where I couldn't hear sound through headphones or the TV except with YouTube. I also encountered static and buzzing in party chats, regardless if it was game chat or party chat. This problem arose while playing Grand Theft Auto 5 and joining a friend's party, causing the buzzing and crashing of the game app. I resorted to a factory reset, which fixed the audio problem but resulted in my Xbox Live Gold membership disappearing. It now asks me to repurchase it, and I'm seeking to have my previously paid membership reinstated.
Reported by GetHuman864837 on lunedì 9 luglio 2018 22:30
While my brother was playing GTA 5 with his friends, an unknown person managed to join their private party, despite it being by invite only. This individual threatened my brother and his friends, claiming they would be hacked later that night. Concerned about this suspicious activity, I am reaching out for assistance as I am unsure if this threat is genuine. Should this be a legitimate issue, I would appreciate any help you can provide. My brother's account is BigBossXD2, and the person making the threats goes by the username metaltask. I have saved pictures and messages showing the threats made by this user towards my brother.
Reported by GetHuman-luisboni on mercoledì 11 luglio 2018 21:29
I recently purchased the Megalodon card for Grand Theft Auto V to have more in-game money. However, after upgrading my Insurgent truck, the game didn't save any of the changes. This is the second time this issue has occurred; it happened previously when I bought a Shark card. I assumed it was a one-time glitch but now think it's a recurring problem. Despite trying to save the upgrades, they did not stick. I believe this might be a persistent glitch that needs addressing promptly, as it could result in customers losing money unnecessarily. I am quite dissatisfied with this situation and would appreciate any assistance you can provide.
Reported by GetHuman875266 on giovedì 12 luglio 2018 21:09
When I was younger, I used to play Minecraft and once gameshared with a player I didn't know well. Fast forward to now, I'm 17 and enjoying my new Xbox one. However, I realized that the person I gameshared with years ago is now part of my Xbox family without my permission. They seem to have added me without my knowledge, and now I'm worried about my account security since they have adult account privileges. My parents, who also have accounts, can't assist because they are not part of the family group. I'm unsure how to remove this person from my Xbox family. Any advice would be appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman875721 on giovedì 12 luglio 2018 23:02
I am inquiring about the status of my account as my microphone is not functioning properly in multiplayer games and party chats. Despite trying various troubleshooting methods, including ensuring my mic is not muted and adjusting settings to adult mode, the issue persists on both of my Xbox consoles. Interestingly, the headset works fine on a different family member's account on the same console. I suspect there may be a suspension or technical glitch affecting my account, as I am unable to transmit my voice in party chats, even though I can hear others. I am disappointed as I recently renewed my Xbox Live subscription for 12 months and am now unable to fully enjoy the service. I have also sought help on the Xbox Support Reddit page but have not received any assistance from tech support or Xbox representatives. Gamer tag: ii Jack Attack Email associated with the account: [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-ingridc on sabato 14 luglio 2018 12:52

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