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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about AFLAC customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported April 28, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
April 27, [redacted] Aflac [redacted] Wynnton Road Columbus, GA [redacted] Jack V. Wilson [redacted] N. W. 15th St. Oklahoma City, OK [redacted] Subject: Agent Cancelling Policies To Whom It May Concern, I have informed Wayne Callahan, your agent, via my POA to cancel my three Aflac accounts dated April 23, [redacted]. Despite this, he did not act on my request and mentioned wanting to visit me while I was at Bridges Rehab facility. Mr. Callahan was given a document showing my agent, D. Tommy Chism, has the authority to cancel my Aflac insurance policies. I personally left a message on Mr. Callahan’s voicemail stating due to my health and financial situation, I wanted the policies canceled. Although Mr. Callahan received the legal document and was informed by my agent, he became uncooperative and abruptly ended the call. Given the circumstances, I would appreciate it if you could cancel the policies as per my initial request on April 23, [redacted]. The policies under consideration are Cancer: A[redacted], Intensive Care: A[redacted], and Accident: A[redacted]. I expect Tinker Field Credit Union to halt automatic deductions until this matter is resolved. I trust this matter will be resolved promptly as per my request. Kindly address any further communication to my agent: Donald Tommy Chism [redacted] S. Victoria Drive Oklahoma City, OK [redacted] Home: [redacted] Mobile: [redacted] Best Regards, Jack V. Wilson
Reported by GetHuman-mtchis on суббота, 28 апреля 2018 г., 21:54
The process to submit a smart claim online is not user-friendly if I cannot upload all my supporting documents. After calling your number and waiting for 20 minutes, I asked if the service rep would accept emailed documents but was told "no" and transferred to tech support after another 20-minute wait. It's disappointing that the "one day pay" claim seems unattainable with these challenges. Dealing with cancer and seeking reimbursement is tough enough; shouldn't someone at AFLAC be responsible for ensuring a smoother process? It's frustrating to feel like a small priority when paying premiums is seamless. I later learned that without using Google Chrome, I can't upload any supporting docs. The smart claim system seems to discriminate based on software. My suggestion is for the customer service reps to step up and provide actual service by accepting documents from policyholders in need. It would be refreshing to experience true customer care in action. Although I may not be significant, I hope this situation can improve.
Reported by GetHuman-denasute on понедельник, 13 августа 2018 г., 18:20
My name is C.B. and I have AFLAC insurance. I've been struggling with a medical issue for a few months now. It all began on December 26 when I visited the doctor due to pain in my right shoulder and shooting pains down my right arm. I've had to take 7 days off work because of this condition, and I've been diagnosed with tendonitis. The medication I'm currently on is preventing me from working due to the pain. I'm wondering if AFLAC covers the time I need to take off work due to my medical condition.
Reported by GetHuman1929068 on среда, 9 января 2019 г., 12:37
I submitted a claim for short-term disability on January 3, [redacted]. My premium of $34.40 is drafted monthly through Chase Bank since August [redacted]. Following an urgent care visit on December 24, [redacted], due to a fractured patella from a fall on December 23, I saw my primary care physician on December 27 for a referral to an orthopedic specialist. Dr. David Patterson reviewed my case on January 2, [redacted], conducted additional X-rays, and performed surgery on January 8, [redacted]. I have had several follow-up appointments and started physical therapy on January 24, attending sessions every Monday and Wednesday. Despite submitting required paperwork and contacting Aflac regularly, I received a check for only $26.57, while my policy indicates coverage for 8 units at $[redacted]. As per my policy for short-term disability (Policy No. P[redacted]), I anticipate receiving the entitled benefits and am in the process of completing the necessary forms with my doctor and employer.
Reported by GetHuman2196842 on среда, 13 февраля 2019 г., 5:58
I have spoken to several representatives regarding my insurance policies, but due to conflicting responses, my most crucial policy got terminated, including my accident policy. Despite sending money orders and monitoring the situation monthly, my policies were not maintained as told. I was unaware my hospital policy was terminated in November. I retired early due to illness and tried my best to keep my policies, but the inconsistent information given by representatives has been frustrating. The lack of proper documentation has led to confusion and multiple versions of events. This situation has impacted my health and caused stress. I hope to resolve this matter without legal action but require someone understanding and competent to address the issue. No one notified me of the policy terminations, leading to confusion with money orders. I feel lost without clear communication and resolution. I spoke to Mrs. Jones, who suggested I appeal. I seek a chance to discuss this with someone who can help. Thank you for your attention. Maria L. Parra.
Reported by GetHuman-parramar on вторник, 26 февраля 2019 г., 20:49
I am trying to reach CFO Frederick J. Crawford and June P. Howard, CPA, CFA, CGMA Senior VP of Finance urgently. As the Power of Attorney for a retired Agent of 31 years, I have been in contact with four Customer Service Representatives in the Compensation Department by phone and email since January [redacted]. Despite several hours on the phone and numerous emails, I have not been able to obtain the January [redacted] income for Rider # N2842. I have only received combined income statements for January and February [redacted]. This discrepancy has left me feeling exhausted and frustrated, as I have never faced such difficulties with AFLAC in the past. I prefer to be contacted via mobile at [redacted]. Thank you. Respectfully, Anna M. Ficca, P.O.A. Anita L. Robertson
Reported by GetHuman-annamf on среда, 27 февраля 2019 г., 14:33
I injured my back on December 6, [redacted]. I've visited urgent care, my regular doctor, and a back specialist. The back doctor requested an MRI to identify the source of the pain, weakness, and numbness. I submitted a claim for the MRI with the UB04 from the hospital. A message on my Aflac account stated this claim wouldn't be covered because it wasn't due to an accident and didn't meet the policy's definition of injury. The MRI was necessary to determine the cause of ongoing pain since the incident in early December. My details are: Jason Hurd, born on October 29, [redacted], with policy number PE197900.
Reported by GetHuman2387730 on среда, 6 марта 2019 г., 16:07
I'm conducting a background check on a former employee for the federal government. How can I reach Human Resources at AFLAC headquarters in Columbus? I need a direct number for Human Resources as the generic customer service line isn't assisting me. I'm encountering a similar issue with Get Human and need to speak to a live representative without having to repeat myself. Dealing with both AFLAC and Get Human has been frustrating, and I've reached a point of giving up. Please refrain from sending follow-up emails regarding this matter.
Reported by GetHuman2893009 on четверг, 9 мая 2019 г., 14:54
My short-term disability claim for Chronic Heart Failure treatment back in November [redacted] remains unresolved. I visited a cardiologist in February [redacted] due to health issues at work and was put on short-term disability. After submitting the claim to Aflac in March [redacted], I received a partial payment in April [redacted]. Despite turning in a continuing claim form in May [redacted], I have not received the remaining amount owed. Each time I follow up, I am given various excuses and delays. I was given a deadline last week which has passed, and I am still waiting. The constant back and forth and delays are frustrating, especially when I am in need of the financial support.
Reported by GetHuman-schabelk on вторник, 21 мая 2019 г., 22:18
As an employee at Centris Federal Credit Union, located at [redacted] Q St, Omaha, NE, I recently experienced a change in our group insurance carriers. Initially, I believed I could maintain my Aflac coverage, only to discover that this was not possible. Despite not having made a claim in recent years due to uncertainties about coverage and procedures, a representative reassured me that I could still claim past expenses if documented. After preparing the necessary documentation, attempts to reach Kristy, the agent, via voicemail regarding the process have gone unanswered. I am seeking assistance in completing this claims process efficiently.
Reported by GetHuman-caldstan on понедельник, 1 июля 2019 г., 17:56
I am experiencing challenges with getting my short term disability processed. The process has been prolonged, and I am not receiving clear guidance on how to expedite it. I have been trying to resolve an issue since the end of May which required a correction from my physician on the diagnosis code. Even after submitting the correct information, I am met with different responses each time I inquire. Unfortunately, I have also lost my job while under medical care, and the financial strain is increasing. Despite being informed that they could waive some premiums, there seems to be miscommunication regarding the required documentation from my doctor, causing further delays. I am determined to see this through despite the obstacles and call them daily for updates.
Reported by GetHuman3241004 on суббота, 13 июля 2019 г., 11:50
I am slightly confused about my coverage. A few months back at work, I nearly dropped a box filled with files, causing me to grab it with my right hand. Later that day, my thumb swelled up and became immobile and painful. After an orthopedic visit and an x-ray, it was confirmed that I need ligament reconstruction surgery for my right thumb due to complete stretching of the ligament. Firstly, I am wondering if I can file a claim for this doctor's appointment. Secondly, I have a surgery scheduled for my left hand on 8/23/[redacted], stemming from past trauma and not a recent accident. Can I also file a claim for this upcoming surgery?
Reported by GetHuman-asoussan on четверг, 22 августа 2019 г., 16:54
I have recently experienced ongoing issues with Aflac's customer service regarding my parents' accounts. Despite providing necessary documentation for my deceased mother and having power of attorney for my father, I encounter difficulties each time I contact Aflac. The representatives seem unable to comprehend the power of attorney arrangements, insisting to speak only with my deceased parent. I have submitted the required documents multiple times since May, but the situation remains unresolved. Communication breakdowns and refusal to engage with me as the legal representative have left me frustrated and disappointed with the level of service provided by Aflac.
Reported by GetHuman3534691 on среда, 4 сентября 2019 г., 21:41
I'm struggling with filing electronically and attempted faxing, but my doctor hasn't sent the necessary information. This delay is causing stress because I'm in need of money for my rent. I chose Aflac for their promise of easy payment for injuries or disabilities, but my experience has been the opposite. Dealing with this issue since Monday has been frustrating as it feels like a never-ending loop. This added stress is something I don't need while being injured. At this moment, I am disappointed with Aflac's service.
Reported by GetHuman3695217 on четверг, 3 октября 2019 г., 9:25
I am the General Manager for Account # LJE29. Today, I received a notice stating we are behind on payments. Despite calling 1-[redacted] five times today, I have been unable to reach customer service. When transferred, the recording thanks me for calling and disconnects. I must confirm if we still have active insurance coverage for our employees. If so, I require immediate payment of all outstanding invoices. Your assistance is urgently needed due to phone system issues.
Reported by GetHuman4068759 on понедельник, 9 декабря 2019 г., 21:32
I've attempted to call multiple times to speak with someone, but each time they're too busy, and I have to request a call back. However, when they do call back, they hang up. It has been three days now. Also, every time I try to log in, I am told my personal information is incorrect. I am trying to inquire about my claim; my job mentioned they faxed the information on 12/10/[redacted]. This situation is quite stressful, especially when my own agent is not returning my phone calls.
Reported by GetHuman4118927 on среда, 18 декабря 2019 г., 21:35
I have been waiting for my claim to be processed for a long time. I submitted a claim in August and provided the requested information; however, they needed more details to proceed. After resubmitting information for 10 physical therapy visits, I received payment for the initial claim but the subsequent claim was denied citing that benefits had already been paid. I informed them that I had submitted a police report which may not have been the best, but it was from the police department. This claim is related to an accident. For further assistance, please contact me at [redacted]. My name is Genease Thompson, and my husband's name is Michael E. Thompson, born on September 5, [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-geneaset on четверг, 19 декабря 2019 г., 13:05
This morning, my husband had a fall down the stairs, resulting in a dislocated left ankle and a trimalleolar ankle fracture on his left leg. He will undergo surgery within the next ten days, and I need to start the claim process. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance, where he will stay overnight until he sees a specialist tomorrow. Additionally, he has a broken right wrist on the right side from an accident on November 10, [redacted], for which I also need to file a claim.
Reported by GetHuman4123448 on четверг, 19 декабря 2019 г., 18:34
As a Transport Workers Union member, we are currently required to use Aflac at our workplace to establish direct deposit routing/payment for any union benefits that we may have chosen. Due to American Airlines no longer accepting payments from our payroll, I recently set this up on the Aflac website. While navigating through the process, I noticed that there were two insurance policies on my account - one for critical care and the other appearing to be accident insurance. The website then highlighted them in red and removed them. Now, when I check my account, it states that I am not enrolled in any benefits. I am worried that my short-term disability insurance was inadvertently terminated through this action. Any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you - Timothy K.
Reported by GetHuman-tjkonst on пятница, 20 декабря 2019 г., 0:51
My daughter recently turned 26 and needs to secure her own insurance policy without any gaps in coverage. I was informed that there is a 31-day window to do this and a form would be sent for the new policy request. However, since 12/16, I have not received any communication. Today, when I called customer service, I was told that the form was faxed on 12/16, but upon requesting a re-fax, I was informed there is no such form for continuation or a new policy. After being transferred between customer service and sales, I waited on hold for 53 minutes. Please contact me, Julie O., at [redacted] and email me.
Reported by GetHuman-myloanof on понедельник, 23 декабря 2019 г., 15:56

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