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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Agoda customer service, archive #39. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported January 25, 2019 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
25th January, [redacted] Dear Sir/Madam, Regarding the room charge at Raj Palace Chennai, I had a confirmed reservation at Raj Palace in Chennai from the 24th to the 29th of December, [redacted]. Your booking confirmation assured that all rooms were guaranteed on arrival and that the credit card used for booking must be presented during check-in, suggesting payment was due upon arrival. However, on the 26th of December [redacted], I received an email demanding payment within 44 hours, which I tried to make but failed. I instead paid for my cousin, C. who was with me, and the payment went through. Upon arrival on the 27th of December, Raj Palace claimed only one room was available although I had booked two. After waiting for a room that never materialized despite assurances, we were left with no alternative but to seek lodging elsewhere as we couldn't stay in a single room with two single beds with my aunt. Despite our efforts, no additional room was provided. Your demand for payment in 44 hours was not mentioned in the booking confirmation, and yet you charged my credit card for a room we did not use. I have been a long-time customer and have another booking on the 6th of March, [redacted], at White Palace, Negombo, Sri Lanka. I kindly request a refund for the charge. Your prompt assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, K. Gnaneswari
Reported by GetHuman-krustygn on Friday, January 25, 2019 10:28 AM
Hello, I made a reservation yesterday, January 26, [redacted] (for three nights from 01/26/[redacted], with check out on 01/29/[redacted]) at "The Phoenix Hostel" in London through Unfortunately, the same room was booked for two different people at the same time. When we arrived, we were told the room was already taken and we couldn't use it. They assured us that Agoda would provide an automatic refund to our account for the amount paid. We have not received the refund yet and would like to know the status of the reimbursement and service cancellation. Hostel Details: Name: The Phoenix Hostel Address: 6 Daventry Street, Westminster Borough, NW1 5NX, London, United Kingdom Booking Number: [redacted] Invoice: £[redacted] paid Personal Information: L. F. A. S. A. G. Refund Account Number: [redacted] Account Type: Checking account at Fababella Bank (issued in Chile) Account Owner: S. A. G., ID number [redacted], from Chile. Email: [redacted] [redacted] Phone: [redacted] [redacted] We look forward to a prompt response as the service was not utilized due to internal administrative disorganization, not by the passengers' actions. Best regards.
Reported by GetHuman-polinrin on Sunday, January 27, 2019 11:12 AM
During my stay at the Four Queens Resort on January 3, [redacted], I encountered some discrepancies. The online booking indicated the presence of a swimming pool, which turned out to be false. The water supply was also disrupted, making it difficult to even flush the toilets. When requesting towels at the front desk, I received worn-out ones that were barely usable. Staff appeared unfamiliar with providing washcloths and hand towels. As my wife and I were traveling with our two toddlers eager to use the pool, the lack of amenities forced us to seek alternative accommodation. The condition of the facility did not match its description as a resort. I believe should reconsider featuring the Four Queens Resort until it meets the expected standards. Despite arriving late, we were unable to secure new lodging until the following day. I have images depicting the state of the premises that I'm willing to share. In light of this situation, I am requesting a full refund based on the inaccurate advertising. It is crucial that establishments like Four Queens Resort in rural areas maintain transparency and deliver on their promises to avoid misleading families looking to make reservations. As a loyal customer who has made multiple bookings with, I urge you to take action to uphold the integrity of your members.
Reported by GetHuman-doctormy on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 9:18 PM
Dear Agoda, I am writing in regards to AGODA Booking ID [redacted]13 scheduled for check-in on January 28, [redacted]. I am requesting compensation in the form of Agoda Cash. I encountered numerous issues on your end which resulted in significant losses of time and effort. I had to contact the Agoda Call Center four times, speaking with different operators: Desmond, Iza, Vincent, and ultimately Karen who resolved the matter. Despite your email and system confirming payment, the hotel had no record of my booking, leading to over 4 hours of troubleshooting. My decision to book through Agoda was influenced by the Agoda Points offered for Hotel Royal @ Queens in Singapore. However, the booking was canceled due to denial by Hotel Beds, your third-party agent, and I did not receive any Agoda Cash as promised. I am now awaiting a refund for the amount charged to my credit card through your system. Fortunately, I had additional funds available. I kindly request compensation in Agoda Cash to offset my losses and ensure my continued use of Agoda's services. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I eagerly await your response. Sincerely, L.S.
Reported by GetHuman-lukaspas on Thursday, January 31, 2019 11:04 AM
Dear Management, I am writing to address a booking error that occurred with reservation number [redacted]39 at Kimbo Lodge Backpackers. I mistakenly booked accommodation for 03 March to 05 March [redacted] instead of the correct dates of 03 February to 05 February [redacted]. Upon realizing the error, I promptly contacted Agoda and Kimbo Lodge Backpackers to rectify the mistake. I also reached out to my bank to reverse the charge. The incorrect booking was made on 24 January at 20:37, and I immediately sought assistance within 16 minutes in an attempt to correct it. Despite my efforts to resolve the issue, I have encountered challenges in getting the booking amended due to the substantial financial penalty associated with the error. As a student at Rhodes University with specific travel requirements, I urgently seek your assistance in addressing this matter. I appreciate your prompt attention to this situation. Sincerely, Sharon Gabie
Reported by GetHuman2083221 on Thursday, January 31, 2019 4:03 PM
On January 29, [redacted], I made a reservation with Victoria Home Vortex KLCC with booking number [redacted]41. I informed the owner that I would check in late, after 3 pm, and was given instructions to collect the room card from the mailbox upon arrival at 1 am. However, the room card was not there, leading to a delay and confusion. After contacting the owner, we were eventually directed to a different room in the same apartment. The next day, January 30, [redacted], at 10 am, while we were still in the room, we were surprised by a cleaner and three individuals entering with their luggage without notice. This invasion of privacy and security concerns left us very unsettled. I am disappointed with the experience and hope for a resolution from Agoda regarding reimbursement and addressing the issues with the property management.
Reported by GetHuman2090048 on Friday, February 1, 2019 1:16 PM
Dear Support Team, I am reaching out in regards to my Check-in number: [redacted]87. Currently, I find myself in Thailand, a long way from home, with a reservation on one of the islands. Unfortunately, the hotel has informed me that they must cancel my booking. Due to their limited English proficiency, communication has been a challenge. It seems they are unable to refund the money as they have not received it yet. They have advised me to contact Agoda, but after a lengthy conversation, Agoda directed me back to the booking platform. I am feeling quite stranded and confused about how to proceed with getting my money refunded. It has been a stressful morning trying to sort this out with numerous calls to both the property owner and Agoda. I am hopeful for a prompt resolution on the refund and eager to avoid such complications in the future, both for myself and other travelers. The hotel shared the following message with me earlier today: Dear Mr. Rokas Razumas, The resort is able to process a refund for you. As per your cancellation request and refund inquiry, kindly note that at the moment, Agoda has yet to transfer the funds to the resort. Your money is currently within the Agoda system. To proceed with the cancellation and refund request, please liaise with Agoda directly. Rest assured, we are committed to assisting you within the extent permissible by the resort. Best regards, Na Tara Resort Koh Chang
Reported by GetHuman-romasra on Saturday, February 2, 2019 3:26 AM
Good evening, I am reaching out because I recently made a reservation for a room at Agape Hotel Milano through and encountered an issue where I was charged twice. On February 15-18, [redacted], I attempted to book a room for [redacted] RON. After entering my card details, I received a "Session expired" message and did not get a confirmation from Agoda. Concerned, I tried booking again for the same dates and price. This time, I successfully received a confirmation with the ID [redacted]39. Upon checking my email the next day, I discovered two confirmations for the same room and dates, each for [redacted] RON, with two different IDs: [redacted]55 and [redacted]39. I have verified my bank account and found that I was indeed charged twice. I kindly request a refund of one of the charges to resolve this situation as I still intend to stay at Agape Hotel Milano from February 15-18. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I hope for a swift resolution and I await your response. I have also contacted the hotel directly regarding this issue. Have a pleasant evening!
Reported by GetHuman-vilidur on Monday, February 4, 2019 6:50 PM
Upon arrival, I was led to a room with 6 beds instead of the 4 bed room I paid extra for. The bed given to me had sheets on it which were removed, claiming the last person left them there. I then encountered individuals in the kitchen rolling weed, to which I asked and confirmed. Sensing the smell, I retreated. The key to my room didn't work, and after requesting assistance, the manager promised a new key by morning. Attempting to watch Netflix, I noticed the fan above me had no cover. Struggling to fix it, I sought the manager's help, who made it seem easy. Later, someone claimed I was in their bed, leading to a room change, where I found a messy room without blinds facing a bar. Unsettled, I sought alternative accommodation for the night and now seek a full refund.
Reported by GetHuman2119490 on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 4:06 AM
Hello, I would like to share my recent experience. I am Ashish A. who made a reservation through for Slumber Party Hostel in Phuket from January 28, [redacted], to February 01, [redacted], for four nights. Upon arrival, the receptionist requested my ID, and after checking it, she informed me that the hostel does not allow guests over 35 years old. She mentioned that I could seek a refund from, as they had no control over it. Unfortunately, I had to find another accommodation without much time as my flight had arrived late at night. I tried to reason with them to let me stay for one night, but it was not possible. I hope to transfer my unused booking to different dates. I appreciate any guidance on how to proceed. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-rolexada on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 11:51 AM
Dear Agoda, I need to discuss the charges related to updating my credit card information for two bookings. The first booking was at Hotel APA Kyoto-Ekikita (ID [redacted]91) from December 27-30, [redacted]. The second was at Bridge Hotel, Osaka (ID [redacted]87) from December 30 to January 2. Before my trip to Thailand and Japan, my credit card was targeted by online fraud, and I had to change the card. This led to me being unable to make payments on December 24 and 27 for the two hotels. I contacted you via email from December 18-20 to resolve this. Although your staff was helpful, I incurred high costs communicating with you. I tried calling your London number on December 19, which cost £48.93 for an 18-minute call. Then, your call to me in Bangkok on December 20, just to update my card details, lasted 38 minutes and cost £57. I appreciate your assistance, but it feels unjust to pay £[redacted].93 for this. I kindly request a full or partial refund for these phone charges due to the circumstances. Sincerely, L.
Reported by GetHuman-jwagne on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 5:15 PM
Subject: Issue with Booking at Best Western Golden Sails Inn Regarding Booking ID: [redacted]47, I made a reservation through "" to stay at the Best Western Golden Sails Inn in Long Beach, California from January 21 to January 31, [redacted]. Upon arrival, I was disappointed to find out that the elevator was out of order. This created a significant inconvenience for me as I had to carry my equipment up and down four flights of stairs daily due to the elevator being non-functional. Despite the staff offering to move me to a different room, I had already settled in. I was never informed about this issue prior to my arrival, and it was not disclosed during my booking process by or the hotel. I am disappointed by the lack of communication and the decreased quality of service provided. While I enjoyed the location and comfort of my stay otherwise, I hope for a resolution to this matter. I look forward to returning for future business trips in the area but wanted to formally address this complaint. Thank you for your attention to this issue. Sincerely, Jutta G. Contact: [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-juttagu on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 12:13 PM
Subject: Urgent Feedback on Our Stay at Palm Paradise Resort, Ao Nang, Krabi Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to address the concerning issues my partner and I encountered during our recent stay at Palm Paradise Resort in Ao Nang, Krabi. Our confirmation number is [redacted]. Upon arrival, we were disappointed to find our Garden View Bungalow unhygienic and not as advertised. The room was in poor condition with a non-functional bathroom window, dead flies in the bath, spider webs, and an ant nest on the decking, overlooking a less than desirable view. After complaining, we were moved to a cleaner room in the main building, but it was dusty. Subsequently, we faced an ant infestation in our bed, prompting another room change where the air-conditioning and lighting were faulty. Currently in our third room, we encountered cold showers and further cleanliness issues. As budget travelers, we are not overly picky, but these conditions are unacceptable. We requested a refund, which was not granted, leaving us dissatisfied and seeking resolution through this communication. We appreciate your attention to this matter. Warm regards, J & B
Reported by GetHuman2155578 on Thursday, February 7, 2019 4:52 PM
I previously contacted you via email on February 2nd regarding my reservation with Agoda at the Days Inn Red Deer Wyndham in Alberta. Upon arrival, we were surprised to find the hotel under construction with the pool closed and strong paint fumes in the lobby. Despite trying to contact you to change our reservation within a short timeframe, it was challenging to find your contact details. I eventually located your email and promptly requested to cancel our booking due to the ongoing renovations. As an alternative, we stayed at the Holiday Inn, albeit at a higher last-minute rate. We are seeking a $98.43 refund, supported by a receipt from the Holiday Inn, where we stayed instead. Feel free to verify with the Day's Inn staff about our non-arrival. We sincerely hope for a refund as this situation caused stress and disappointment, especially after a long drive with our two children. If the refund is processed, we remain interested in using your services again.
Reported by GetHuman2156477 on Thursday, February 7, 2019 6:31 PM
I mistakenly booked 3 nights on a different island instead of Boracay, booking ID [redacted]60. The dates are Monday, February 11th to Thursday, February 14th. I have paid the full amount but need to cancel as we'll be staying on Boracay instead. Can this booking be cancelled, and if so, will I receive a refund or face any cancellation charges? Thank you for your assistance.
Reported by GetHuman-merrickg on Saturday, February 9, 2019 12:59 AM
I need help with booking a hotel. Instead of filling out lengthy forms on your website, I decided to use another site. I spent over 2 hours trying to book on your platform, even raised tickets, but with no success. Eventually, I called another website and paid an extra $[redacted] just to secure my booking promptly. I would rather pay more than wait for days for a resolution. It's disappointing that someone who wanted to book through your site couldn't due to lack of clarity and support.
Reported by GetHuman2167607 on Saturday, February 9, 2019 3:13 AM
I cancelled my reservation yesterday and spoke to customer service to request a refund. Unfortunately, they informed me that a refund was not possible. When I tried to rebook with the same hotel, I was told I would need to pay extra to receive my refund. The hotel mentioned that refund matters are managed by Agoda, causing confusion. The process is taking too long, preventing me from booking another hotel promptly. If I book through, they offer better support and assistance in selecting a new hotel while ensuring a refund. I urge for the refund of my money as I am dissatisfied with the current situation, having spent a whole day trying to resolve the issue without success. My booking number is [redacted]27.
Reported by GetHuman-marbahma on Saturday, February 9, 2019 11:20 AM
I booked a room at Peppers Bluewater Resort on October 18, [redacted], with reservation number [redacted]27. Shortly after booking, I canceled the reservation. However, upon reviewing my bills recently, I noticed that I was charged the full room cost because it was within 14 days of the reservation date. I believe this is an error since my cancellation was made only 4 minutes after booking. I kindly ask for a full refund of the charged amount. Thank you. Simcha Gutgold
Reported by GetHuman-simchag on Saturday, February 9, 2019 10:01 PM
Our booking number is [redacted]36 under the name Nguyen Anh Tuan at Nha Trang Beach Apartments on February 5, [redacted]. We used an Amex Card for the payment which is nonrefundable. Although the booking photos showed a room with a sea view, clean furniture, and wooden floors, the room we received was completely different. It had a city view, different furniture, no wooden floors, poor furnishings, and was dirty. Despite our request to check out, we were shown another room with a sea view but still not as advertised. Due to the late hour and having our children with us, we had to stay. Upon speaking with the owner, she was rude and did not acknowledge the discrepancies in the room. When we requested a refund, she was uncooperative. We decided to stay in the alternative room because of the late hour and tiredness from traveling. We are requesting a refund for at least one night due to false advertising and poor customer service from the host. We hope Agoda can address such dishonest practices to protect its reputation.
Reported by GetHuman-anhtuand on Monday, February 11, 2019 4:43 PM
Subject: Refund Request for Booking Reference Number [redacted]81 Dear Agoda, I am reaching out regarding my recent unpleasant experience at Jamillah Boutique Inn and the need for a full refund of my booking with them. Upon arrival, we were disappointed to find a substandard room that was not cleaned adequately, with a lumpy mattress and overall poor conditions. Despite the efforts of the General Manager, Timothy Cham, and his staff, we were unable to be accommodated in a satisfactory room due to issues with cleanliness and dampness in the alternative room offered. As a result, the hotel has agreed to provide a full refund for our stay. I experienced inconvenience and distress during my stay, especially given the festive Chinese New Year period, where I had to urgently seek alternative accommodations beyond my budget. I kindly request your prompt assistance in processing the refund. I have attached a snapshot of the information provided by the hotel staff for your reference. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I hope for a swift resolution to this situation. Warm regards, Joanie Lingle
Reported by GetHuman-joanieli on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 6:27 AM

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