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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Facebook customer service, archive #25. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported May 13, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
A news ad on my Facebook feed in Tampa showed an ear grown out of an arm, sparking a humorous comment about potential future advancements. Unfortunately, my joke led to a heated exchange with individuals who supported a political viewpoint I don't align with. Despite defending my position, the situation escalated, and now strangers are targeting me on social media, making insulting remarks. I seek to have the entire thread removed, warn those individuals against further personal attacks, and ensure they understand the consequences of defamation. Additionally, I want measures in place to prevent any further contact from the news site and its Facebook connections to safeguard my online presence.
Reported by GetHuman-rfiresto on Ahad, 13 Mei 2018 pukul 23.07
I created a Facebook account with my Yahoo email a while back for gaming, and added many online friends I don't know. I deactivated the account years ago and now want to create a new account for staying in touch with family. However, I recently discovered my old account still exists but I don't remember much about it. After resetting the password successfully, I'm asked to identify friends I don't recognize. I'd appreciate help from Facebook to recover the old account or delete it so I can start fresh with the same email. My Yahoo email is [redacted] Please delete any linked accounts or remove the email from them, allowing me to create a new Facebook account. Thank you for your assistance. Best regards, Satnam Singh
Reported by GetHuman681676 on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 07.34
I have recently updated my contact information to a new phone number, [redacted]7, and a new email address, [redacted] My previous phone number, [redacted]5, will remain active until my retirement in December [redacted]. I am encountering difficulties removing my old email address, [redacted] (now [redacted]), from my Facebook account. Despite attempts to update it to [redacted], it does not seem to work, leading to confusion with my account. I want to ensure that my Haydays farm link on Facebook remains intact without losing any data such as photos, contacts, and Haydays information. Any assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated. For further clarification, please contact me via email or telephone. Thank you for your help. - Carol Sheffield
Reported by GetHuman681701 on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 08.05
I am concerned about the misleading video on Nameless.Tv stating that MSG is not toxic, which is medically inaccurate and can harm public health. They failed to provide scientific evidence to support their claim, disregarding the potential health risks associated with MSG, especially in individuals with certain medical conditions like diabetes and dehydration that can make it neuroexcitotoxic. Despite reporting the video, the misinformation persists, increasing the number of people exposed to this health hazard.
Reported by GetHuman681716 on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 08.25
My Facebook account was hacked twice and subsequently deleted twice. One night, I received a text for a password reset while asleep, and upon checking it, I couldn't log in. After contacting Facebook, I managed to regain access, although my profile name was altered. The same situation occurred the following night, and once again, I was locked out. This time around, getting assistance from Facebook was challenging, with a response stating the issue was resolved. Shortly after, I received an email informing me that my account, which I couldn't access, had been deactivated due to improper activity. When I reported this to Facebook, I didn't receive a reply. After waiting for about a week, I created a new Facebook profile with a different email address. Despite having this account for a few weeks, it was also deactivated for inappropriate behavior. Throughout this ordeal, reaching out to Facebook and receiving a response has been incredibly arduous.
Reported by GetHuman-rpotthof on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 11.42
My wife's account has been compromised. The hacker altered the password, email, and phone number, leaving us unable to log in. They have hijacked her business page as well, which contains important personal pictures. The hacker even changed the profile picture to that of my son's. According to the support guidelines, an email should have been sent when the password was changed, but my wife did not receive it, indicating the hacker may have tampered with the email first. We need assistance in recovering her account. Please advise on the necessary steps to resolve this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-derekcut on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 12.05
I'd like to address a location issue regarding our restaurant, La Colina Restaurant & Bar, on both Facebook and Instagram. Neither platform is displaying the correct location information for our establishment. Our customers frequently post about their experiences and share food photos on Instagram, which is a valuable digital marketing tool for us. Without the proper location, they are unable to tag us in their posts. I have already confirmed with Google that our location is accurate. I am reaching out to Facebook to rectify this issue promptly, as we rely on word-of-mouth marketing in the digital age. Our address is Kuzguncuk Mahallesi, Baba Nakkaş Sokak No:52, Üsküdar/İstanbul, Türkiye.
Reported by GetHuman-gizemdin on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 15.21
I received a notification that someone attempted to access my account without authorization. Despite not using the account frequently, I could not remember the password. I attempted to recover it using the codes sent via email, but was unsuccessful. After changing the password successfully, I submitted my ID for verification. However, upon trying to log in again, I encountered the same issue. I am frustrated by this situation as I am unable to access an account that has been inactive for years. I am keen on verifying its security and potentially closing it. It is concerning that I cannot reach customer support for assistance, especially after submitting my ID without gaining access. Kindly resolve this matter promptly as it is causing distress to both me and my spouse.
Reported by GetHuman-tedshevl on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 17.00
Hello Facebook community, I encountered an issue where my Facebook account got "locked" due to a password change from an unknown location. After clicking "Not Me," I was prompted to enter a 6-digit code from an email. However, when I opened the Facebook email, it displayed in a foreign language, hindering me from recovering my account. Subsequently, I've been unable to access my account and faced a prompt stating that my password is old. Here are some details related to the problem: IP address: 1.55.60.[redacted] Location: Hanoi, HaNoI, VN Email: 4wetdhfdbdnd@air2token I also received an email from Facebook informing me of the password change and a subsequent message to secure my account. However, upon following the link provided to secure the account, the page displayed in a different language on May 14, [redacted]. My contact email is [redacted] Your prompt assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any help you can offer.
Reported by GetHuman683561 on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 18.41
Hello, I was recently elected as co-chair of the Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) in the Nashoba Regional School District, Massachusetts. We currently have a group page called "Nashoba SEPAC - Special Education Parent Advisory Council NRSD." I need to transfer administrative rights of this page to myself and my new co-chair. The former chair mentioned that the page was initially set up under a personal email account of a former member who has since relocated. Our school committee advised us to reclaim the account and have it under the SEPAC email address to align with district guidelines. We require assistance in changing the administration of this page or potentially closing it to open a new one under the SEPAC email address. Thank you for your attention and assistance. -F.M.
Reported by GetHuman-nashobas on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 18.49
While on Facebook today, 05/14, I encountered a message notifying me that my session had ended and prompted me to log back in. Unfortunately, I forgot my password and proceeded to reset it, but encountered an issue. The phone number linked to the account is outdated as I had updated it last year when my number changed. Without access to the old number, I cannot verify my identity to regain entry. Though I had a separate Facebook page associated with my current email address, it was reported and subsequently inaccessible, hindering my recovery efforts. Despite trying to log in through a friend's messenger, I was unable to reset my password or receive a recovery code via email or phone. The platform insists on the original password associated with the account, preventing any progress. I am in desperate need of assistance and seek clarity on this matter. I am prepared to provide any necessary information to validate my identity and regain access to my account. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-tciti on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 19.19
I am concerned about a serious issue on Facebook involving my daughter's hacked account. She is not a male living in Russia; she is a Target manager in Michigan. The account has been misused to create groups under her name. The user has accessed private photos of her, family, and friends for over two weeks. We are frustrated with the lack of assistance from Facebook. Please expedite the process of shutting down the account "facebook.com/Alex.Lafleur.14" to protect my daughter's privacy. Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jeff LaFleur.
Reported by GetHuman-jlafleur on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 19.28
When using Facebook, there is an option to share content by clicking on "Share" and selecting "Send in Messenger." The list of contacts that appears includes categories like "Recent," "Groups," and "Connections." The "Connections" list can be sorted alphabetically with a short list of people above the A-Z list or appear in seemingly random order. It seems puzzling when the top name in the short list above the A-Z list remains the same while the entire list changes to a random order. For instance, despite having many other contacts, one person seems to consistently stay at the top of the list for two years, leading to speculation about the frequency of messaging or searching for that particular individual. In this case, the top positions in the "Connections" list may raise questions, especially when a specific name persists at the top despite numerous other contacts available for communication on Facebook.
Reported by GetHuman683879 on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 19.45
When using Facebook, if you click "Share" and then choose "Send in Messenger," you will notice a list that includes "Recent," "Groups," and "Connections." The "Connections" list can appear either categorized "A-Z" or in a seemingly random order. It is puzzling why one person consistently stays at the top of the short list above the "A-Z" list while the rest seem random. In this case, it's odd that the top of your wife's list continuously features a specific person she claims not to message. Could this individual's position at the top indicate how frequently she communicates or searches for them? This pattern is noteworthy, especially when there are numerous other contacts she rarely interacts with, yet only this one individual consistently appears at the top of her list.
Reported by GetHuman683879 on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 20.00
Hello (Facebook), I am facing a persistent issue on Facebook that I need to address. I am located in Jordan, a country in the Middle East. In Jordan, when you purchase a new mobile number, it is often a recycled number that was previously used by someone else and subsequently cancelled for various reasons. The issue I am experiencing is that a previous user of the mobile number had linked it to her Facebook account, which was then cancelled. I acquired the same number after losing my previous phone. When I registered on Facebook with this number, the system seems to be mixing up my account with the previous user's account, causing intermittent security checks that temporarily disable my account. I have always used Facebook ethically and solely for business purposes as a social media expert managing several accounts in Jordan. This ongoing problem is significantly impacting my work, and I would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-smaikmar on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 21.08
I recently updated my Facebook account by changing the email address and password through my trusted contacts. Despite successfully verifying my identity, I didn't receive the confirmation email in my new inbox. I've checked all folders including junk, spam, and social, and even tried resetting the email multiple times. Facebook allows me to sign in but restricts account use until the email is confirmed, which is impossible without the email. Receiving no response is frustrating, and I am worried about losing access. I can't contact Facebook support as I can't sign in. Your assistance in resolving this issue is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-cassduck on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 22.09
I bought $55 worth of Facebook email gift cards, received the PIN codes, and tried to add them to my account. However, while I stepped away from my computer for 10 minutes, my uncle used the computer and I accidentally added the gift cards to his Facebook account instead of mine. How can I fix this mistake? My email is [redacted], and the account where the $55 went is [redacted] The gift cards were purchased from Walmart. I have contacted Facebook for help. Please assist me as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.
Reported by GetHuman-gidgetrp on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 23.05
My account has been compromised by hackers. I received a message from someone claiming to be Timothy Knapp from Texas, saying I had won money. They directed me to contact William Rouse and asked for $[redacted] in iTunes cards to supposedly claim my prize. Timothy Knapp sent pictures of $[redacted] worth of cards, and William Rouse pressured me to give access to my account, which I unfortunately did. Unable to regain access, I tried creating a new account but got flagged for violating Facebook's rules, risking closure. Now, these hackers are reaching out to my friends about the fake winnings. I'm seeking assistance with this troubling situation.
Reported by GetHuman-lillyx on Selasa, 15 Mei 2018 pukul 00.51
Hello FB, I, as an employee at Nickel Pte Ltd, a financial technology company based in Singapore, am reaching out to request your support. Our CEO is keen on securing and verifying our current domain from 'facebook.com/nickel.to' to 'facebook.com/nickel'. Nickel has been a legally registered business entity under Singapore's ACRA since [redacted] and is rapidly expanding in the Fintech industry. In order to streamline our branding across all social media platforms, we aim to align our domain to 'Nickel' on Facebook, LinkedIn, and SLACK APP. As we plan to run advertisements on Facebook soon, it is crucial for us to ensure consistency in our branding. The current domain 'facebook.com/nickel' is held by an inactive entity since [redacted], and we are seeking your assistance to help us acquire this domain. Thank you for your support. Best regards, Illy
Reported by GetHuman-illy on Selasa, 15 Mei 2018 pukul 07.01
Last Sunday, my account password was changed illegally and modified to such an extent that I can no longer locate my page using a friend's account. All the history of comments or pictures I was tagged in has vanished, and I am unable to access my account. This poses a significant issue for me because all the apps I use that are connected to Facebook for login are now compromised, and subsequently, I have been logged out. My Facebook name, originally Nicholas Tin-Bum Tison, was altered to Adnan Ghnoum by Adnan Ghnoum initially and has now been changed once again this morning, with activity being carried out on my entire friends list. I possess my ID to verify my identity and can identify a large number of individuals on my friends list. I can also obtain affidavits from friends and family to confirm and validate that this is indeed MY ACCOUNT. This hacking incident was malicious and concerning.
Reported by GetHuman-ntison on Selasa, 15 Mei 2018 pukul 09.12

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