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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Facebook customer service, archive #85. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported June 28, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I’m being prompted by Facebook to continue watching MTV's ‘Decoded’ although I have never viewed the show. I am concerned about potential account theft. My profile inaccurately shows me as located in Dallas when I actually live in Denver and only had layovers in Dallas years ago. I am frustrated with the digital correspondence and the inability to reach Facebook or get help over the phone. It's odd that the statement indicating trust in Facebook to solve the issue has been added to my complaint without my consent.
Reported by GetHuman-idealist on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 02:05
Struggling to log in to the Messenger app without a Facebook account. Recently got a new phone with the same number and downloaded the updated Messenger app. When attempting to log in using the phone number option, it redirects to a sign-up page. After entering the number, the profile cannot be located, and selecting "that's not me" initiates a new profile creation with the same number. Despite various attempts at the store, the issue persists, resulting in a block due to "too many messenger only accounts with this number." Seeking assistance to regain access to the original Messenger profile without creating a new account. Appreciate any guidance on resolving this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-margsyma on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 04:27
I feel unfairly blocked from using my Facebook account. I posted a picture of Dallas Keuchel, the pitcher for the Houston Astros, which was from ESPN's BODY ISSUE, showing a sporty image without explicit nudity. As a Houston resident and a loyal Astros fan, this issue greatly affects me. Running my business through Facebook, I am unable to manage my business page, leading to potential loss of income and clients. Furthermore, my farm animals depend on me for their feed, creating additional urgency. I understand my mistake and assure you it won't happen again. Please understand my predicament and restore my access to Facebook promptly. Thank you for your attention. -Jessica Paige Reh
Reported by GetHuman-jessireh on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 05:13
My marketplace account is currently being reviewed. I am unsure if my actions triggered this review. The buyer who purchased items from me began harassing me, so I reported her and left the group. She bought 4 brand new Rubbermaid multipurpose shelves from me for $15, which are valued at $22 at Lowe’s. She picked up the items, paid, and left. Later, she messaged me wanting to return the shelves because they were not what she expected. I explained that I couldn't accept the return as she had the opportunity to inspect the product before purchasing. I am eager to cooperate, provide any necessary information, and expedite the process to restore my account. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-alysmos on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 05:23
I'm Brenda Green-Smart, and I've been trying hard to access my Facebook account. Last week, my cell phone got damaged and I got a new one, which led to changes in my phone number and email. I can't recall my password to log in. Facebook Help Center recommended I ask three trusted friends from my page for a code. My husband Charles Smart and sisters Michelle Bledsoe and Sheila Bledsoe-Smith were selected, but one sister can't seem to provide the code. Therefore, I'm still unable to access my account. Kindly assist by sending a temporary password to my new cell or email so I can regain access to my Facebook page and avoid abandoning it. My current number is [redacted], and my email is [redacted] Please reach out to me anytime. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Brenda Green-Smart
Reported by GetHuman828420 on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 05:41
To Whom It May Concern, I want to share a suggestion with you regarding the "Legacy Contact" feature. Some users, including myself, are not keen on this addition. Many individuals may never utilize this option due to concerns about their personal information being accessed by others. I believe there should be a feature where individuals aware of a deceased person could request the account be deleted. The process could be anonymous to avoid upsetting relatives who may not want to see the deceased person's profile. I believe implementing such a feature would be beneficial. Personally, I value my privacy and wouldn't want my personal information accessible to others. I hope you consider this idea. Thank you for your attention and potential consideration. I look forward to seeing any updates on this matter. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-mgdaless on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 05:47
I'm encountering issues when trying to update my personal page by adding known contacts. A notification prompts me to only connect with people I know, then requests a photo for security before logging me out. This recurrent problem is frustrating. Despite verifying my account with my phone number, I am still logged out for "suspicious activities." Additionally, while working on my business page, adding content to the cover results in another security logout. 1. How can I connect with people I know when the platform blocks me from sending friend requests? If I meet someone who wants to connect, how can I add them if Facebook keeps blocking and logging me out? 2. If this persists, I may need my account deleted. The frequent logouts are testing my patience. Dealing with this issue repeatedly is unbearable, and there's no point in investing time on an unreliable platform.
Reported by GetHuman828477 on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 06:41
Dear Facebook Operator, I appreciate you confirming my identity recently. However, I am puzzled as to why my account has been disabled again. I believe there might have been an oversight in your community system's verification of my account, leading to its suspension once more. Please review your "old Support box" to rectify any errors in verifying my identity with the government-issued ID provided. I stand by the authenticity of my account and request that you reinstate it, ensuring I have not violated any Facebook rules. Kindly verify my identity and grant me access to my account to operate independently. For security purposes, I have reattached my genuine government-issued ID with a photo of myself holding the ID to reaffirm my identity as a real person and to confirm that I am not using any false credentials.
Reported by GetHuman828649 on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 10:09
Dear Facebook Support Team, I would like to express my gratitude for verifying my identity a few days ago. Unfortunately, my account has been disabled again. I believe this may be a misunderstanding in the Facebook Community Systems' verification process. I kindly request you to review the information in your support records to rectify any discrepancies. I assert that my account's identity is legitimate, and any suspension is due to an error, not a violation of Facebook's rules. I urge you to verify my identity, reopen my account, and grant me the opportunity to use it freely. For security purposes, I have reattached my authentic government-issued identity document, along with a photo holding the ID, to confirm that I am a real person using genuine credentials.
Reported by GetHuman828649 on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 10:14
Dear Facebook Support Team, I want to express my gratitude for verifying my identity a few days ago. However, I am puzzled as to why my account has been disabled once again. I believe it may be a misunderstanding within your community systems that led to the suspension of my account. Kindly review your old support messages to rectify any errors that arose during the verification of my identity with the government-issued ID that I previously submitted. I am confident in the authenticity of my account and reassure you that it is genuine. The only reason for its suspension might be due to a misunderstanding or unintentional breach of Facebook guidelines. I kindly request you to review my identity verification once more and reinstate my account, allowing me to use it without any further hindrance. As a precaution, I have reattached my legitimate government ID for your thorough verification. This additional step is to reconfirm that I am indeed a real individual and not utilizing any fraudulent identities. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Sincerely, [Initials]
Reported by GetHuman828649 on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 10:22
I have been unable to access the Marketplace and online buy/sell groups for nearly two months now without any explanation. Despite my clean track record of three years of buying and selling, I find myself unexpectedly blocked. I am eager to understand the reason behind this suspension and request a prompt resolution. The ban has caused me financial loss from missed sales opportunities and the inability to secure desired items for purchase. Moreover, ongoing transactions have been disrupted, leaving sellers with a misleading impression of my authenticity. I value my reputation within these groups and hope to have this issue addressed soon.
Reported by GetHuman-kiahlf on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 11:52
Hello, I am Peerzada Danish. I am reaching out regarding my Facebook account that was hacked back in [redacted]. The hacker changed my FB name to "Peerzada Danish (Hunk)" and altered the primary and secondary email addresses associated with the account. Despite providing my details and certificates for address verification, Facebook has not been able to assist, stating the email addresses do not match. The hacker has set the new email as "[redacted]" or "1***********[redacted]". I would appreciate it if Facebook could either help me regain access to my original account or close it down. Please respond promptly. I am willing to provide any necessary proof of identity if required. Thank you for your help.
Reported by GetHuman-danishso on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 12:33
Hello, I have recently observed that my marketplace on Facebook is currently blocked. I am unable to access it unless I turn off my data, reload the Facebook app, and then turn my data back on. Even after following this process, I am unable to search for items as it indicates there is nothing available in my specified area. This issue has persisted for approximately a month despite my efforts of sending reports and contacting Facebook. I first encountered this problem when attempting to list a selling item on the marketplace, which was car number plates. The listing was flagged for violating terms and conditions. Upon reviewing the terms and conditions, I found no mention of plates being prohibited. I have since removed the number plates from all groups I posted them on. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook app, but the problem persists. I kindly request assistance in resolving this matter or an explanation for the cause of this issue and guidance on how to restore marketplace functionality.
Reported by GetHuman-smashy on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 12:47
I am the founder of Crocheting Hands Around The World For Charity. Recently, there was an issue with a member, K. Childress, who shared our spreadsheet with non-members without permission. This caused distress within our closed group. The spreadsheet section of our chat was closed to prevent further issues. I am seeking to regain control of the spreadsheet. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman829100 on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 13:53
I recently got a new iPhone and have been facing difficulties transferring my Facebook account to the new phone. Both AT&T and a local electronics shop were unable to assist me. I originally created my account in [redacted], but cannot remember my username or password as they were set up by my daughter. Moreover, I have changed my email address since then and cannot recall the old one. Despite multiple attempts to reset the password, I have not been receiving the necessary temporary code in a timely manner. While trying to locate my old account, I inadvertently created a new one. I am in need of assistance as I am unable to resolve these issues on my own.
Reported by GetHuman829344 on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 14:57
Hello! I had a parody account a decade ago pretending to be a Nazi, all in good fun, until Facebook terminated it. I used my main email address, [redacted] for the account. Around that time, I created my current account, which is linked to an email address I can no longer access and haven't used for ages. When I try to update my email address to [redacted], I encounter an error. This issue results in the creation of new accounts on websites like Airbnb and Booking.com with the invalid email address linked to my Facebook. This confusion has caused problems in my communication with Airbnb, hosts, and hotels. I have previously reached out about this matter but did not receive a response. Could you please lift the ban on [redacted] so I can use it again on Facebook? If not, I may have to delete my account. Best regards, Hans J. F. [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-hfurfjor on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 16:56
My son purchased a car with a bill of sale for parts, and later sold the body of the car. Ted Sailly claimed it was his missing car from a divorce. The car was unused for 4 1/2 years in a backyard. Ted took a screenshot of my son's post with his children and accused him of stealing the car. I contacted Ted's ex-wife, who refused to share information about her landlord. My son is facing harassment due to false accusations. Ted Sailly's post should be removed for harassment as my son did not steal the car, which was not even reported stolen years ago. Unfortunately, our attempts to explain the situation on Facebook have resulted in us being blocked due to negative comments. If you review all the posts, you will see the details I shared about why Ted's wife sold the car.
Reported by GetHuman-vortec on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 17:51
Hello, I am experiencing difficulties accessing certain sections of two Facebook group pages, particularly the discussion pages and the posting functionality. When I try to access these areas on the "OYDISA - Ottawa Young Diplomats and International Students Association" and "Buy and Sell Ottawa Gatineau" groups, I am only met with a continuous loading screen. I recently encountered an issue when I tried to post an advertisement on "Buy and Sell Ottawa Gatineau" to sell soccer cleats and shin guards. Although I had listed several other items successfully that day, this particular post was flagged and rejected for not meeting Facebook's compliance standards. I am unsure of the reason behind this rejection. I am concerned that I may have been blocked from these groups, preventing me from viewing or posting items. I have removed the flagged advertisement, but I believe it should still be on your records. Additionally, I have a duplicate listing on Kijiji for reference. I would appreciate any assistance in understanding this situation and regaining access to the group pages. Thank you, D.K.
Reported by GetHuman830072 on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 17:53
I am having trouble accessing my Facebook account under the email [redacted] registered to Rob Peacher. Facebook is requesting I confirm my identity, but I cannot do so as I do not have access to the necessary computer. I used a VPN on May 29, [redacted], which may have caused the issue. The account does not have a phone number, and my friends are fans of our magazine, which is why I use Facebook. I can receive email alerts and updates but resetting the password did not resolve the login issue. Please grant me access as I am the rightful owner of the account, evident through my email correspondence.
Reported by GetHuman-robpeac on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 18:37
Several years ago, around 8 years back, I deactivated my account without much thought until recently. I was surprised to learn it still existed when a friend mentioned it. I spent 4 days trying to sign in to delete it, but I couldn't recall the old email address or password. A friend informed me about a recent post advertising sunglasses that seemed like a hack since I don't remember posting it. I urgently need this account removed due to unprofessional images from a previous career and the recent breach. I'm frustrated this wasn't resolved earlier when I initially requested its deletion. The affected account is under Jennifer McDow with a profile picture of me in a wedding dress, not the Jen's Bows account. Your prompt assistance is appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman830885 on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 21:36

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