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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about The IRS customer service, archive #3. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported April 30, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I recently filed my taxes for [redacted] but mistakenly provided the wrong account number. Following advice, I reached out to the individual who helped me with the filing. However, I noticed last year that he made corrections without my knowledge, charging an additional $80.00 and $[redacted].00 for the service the day before. He also discreetly includes a tip that he prevents clients from reading and understanding, making them sign the document without full disclosure. Despite my attempts to address this issue by contacting the department, I have been unable to connect with anyone for assistance. I would like to obtain transcripts from prior years to assess the extent of these additional charges and request a refund for any overpayments. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman643995 on lunedì 30 aprile 2018 22:24
I submitted my federal tax form, 1040EZ, on January 21, [redacted], well in advance of the official acceptance date for tax forms. Approximately two months later, I received a letter from the IRS requesting verification of my social security number and/or ITIN number. My name had legally changed from Lanita Dawn Wright to Nessa Elinor Amherst starting in October and was officially changed in December. After checking online, I found that the name on the return should match the one on the social security card, which had been updated to my new name, Nessa Elinor Amherst, in December [redacted]. I complied with the IRS request by confirming my social security number, using the provided pin number due to identity theft. The IRS letter from Utah stated that it would take 6-8 weeks for my refund, either through direct deposit or by check. I also mailed copies of my social security card and state ID to the IRS in Washington, DC, to clarify the name change. It has been about eight weeks since I corresponded with the IRS in Utah, and I am awaiting an update on when I can expect my refund. I am uncertain if it will be mailed as a check or deposited into the bank account listed on my 1040EZ form. Please contact me via email promptly. Thank you for your assistance, and I regret any inconvenience caused.
Reported by GetHuman648235 on mercoledì 2 maggio 2018 00:50
I received a CP2000 notice, and after speaking with an agent about the required steps for repayment, I am ready to move forward. Unfortunately, I do not have the physical copy of the notice as it was sent to an overseas address that I no longer have access to, and the individuals who had initially collected it are no longer reachable. Therefore, I am unable to sign and acknowledge the notice to begin repayment. Can I proceed with setting up a payment plan without formally agreeing to the notice I received? I accept responsibility for any penalties due to the third party that filed my taxes. I am eager to start repaying and look forward to your guidance on this matter. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman650888 on mercoledì 2 maggio 2018 20:49
I recently received a CP2000 notice and discussed it with an agent. Unfortunately, I no longer have the physical letter as it was sent to an overseas address I no longer have access to. I cannot sign to agree to the notice in order to start repaying. Can I set up a payment plan without physically agreeing to the notice? I accept the penalties for the third party's errors on my taxes. I urgently want to start repaying, but my issue is not having the physical letter to confirm my agreement. I have trouble reaching an agent due to long hold times.
Reported by GetHuman650888 on mercoledì 2 maggio 2018 21:37
I need guidance on how to properly submit an amendment. My daughter, a full-time student residing with me and whom I support financially, unintentionally failed to indicate she's a dependent on her tax return. Although she received a small refund from her limited work, this hinders me from claiming her as a dependent on my taxes. I was unaware she had filed independently. She attends UC Davis full time while living at my residence, qualifying her as my dependent. Despite my attempts, the system wouldn't allow me to claim her. I urgently seek assistance in rectifying this to claim her as my dependent, even if returning her refund is necessary due to my recent diagnosis of chronic kidney disease. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman651121 on mercoledì 2 maggio 2018 22:03
I checked the website for my refund and it stated it would be deposited on 5-2-[redacted]. When I attempted to contact the lady who prepared my taxes, the office staff seemed unaware. After multiple attempts, I eventually reached someone who mentioned I should have received a card from Walmart Green Dot in the mail. Despite trying to call the cardholder, I was unsuccessful due to being given the wrong number. After receiving the correct number from another tax office, I contacted the cardholder on 5-2-[redacted] only to discover that my refund had been withdrawn by someone else. I reported the incident to the police and tried to reach the owner of Nureplubic without success. I then obtained detailed transaction information from the cardholder. I am unable to get my money back and wish to proceed with pressing charges and reporting fraud. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman663139 on lunedì 7 maggio 2018 16:00
I am seeking information on whether my spouse, who I am currently in divorce proceedings with (he vacated our shared home on 9-30-16), has claimed me as an adult dependent. Despite him covering the mortgage and household expenses, he closed all joint bank accounts shortly after leaving. As a result, I had to resort to a credit card for living expenses and apply for food stamps. With no minor children at home and me not having worked outside the home since [redacted], I discovered that for our [redacted] tax returns, he filed jointly without my involvement or consent. The tax preparer even allowed him to sign my name in my absence, which I reported to the BBB without receiving a copy of the tax return. I am determined to address this issue and confirm if any similar actions have taken place without my knowledge.
Reported by GetHuman-antkay on lunedì 7 maggio 2018 20:51
I filed my taxes in January and have yet to receive my refund. Initially, I was informed I would receive it by February 14th. Subsequently, I was given new dates - February 27th, March 14th, April 14th, and most recently May 14th due to a letter I apparently never received. As of May 15th, I still have not received any updates or the refund. This delay has caused financial strain as I relied on this money for payments. The lack of clear communication and continually changing deadlines has been frustrating and unprofessional. I am seeking clarity on the delay and a firm date for when I can expect my refund.
Reported by GetHuman687870 on martedì 15 maggio 2018 21:22
I need assistance with my [redacted] taxes. When I filed, it was rejected due to my [redacted] AGI. After submitting the required information, it still got rejected. I discovered a tax offset through a collection agency, which I resolved. My taxes are no longer in offset as of April 2, [redacted], per the Treasure's letters. Can you advise on the next steps for filing my [redacted] taxes? Do I need to mail the information or can I resubmit electronically? Thank you for your prompt assistance.
Reported by GetHuman-apologet on venerdì 25 maggio 2018 18:37
I am currently facing an issue with my income, which is below the minimum wage at around $7,[redacted] yearly. This exempts me from filing taxes as I do not meet the $10,[redacted] threshold for a single, unmarried individual under 65. A few years back, an amount of over $[redacted] was deducted from my account, causing financial strain for a whole month. Subsequently, a $50 monthly deduction was easier to manage. However, the recent deduction is concerning. I wish to clarify that I am exempt from filing taxes due to my income situation. My military pay currently stands at $[redacted] per month, totaling $8,[redacted] annually. The additional money paid to my exes, $[redacted] and $[redacted] respectively, should be considered for tax purposes by them as I do not receive those funds directly. I appreciate your attention to this matter. Thank you, Francisco P.
Reported by GetHuman-f_perezl on domenica 3 giugno 2018 00:50
I contacted customer service on May 7 after realizing that my TurboTax didn't transmit my taxes. I had a conversation with a friendly representative and mentioned that this was the first time such an issue occurred. By reviewing my history, you'll notice that I've always paid my taxes on time. The representative checked my account, confirmed the payments were processing, and assured me there were no penalties. Both payments were successfully withdrawn from my bank account on May 8 and May 9. However, I received a bill from the IRS over the weekend citing failure to file, failure to pay, and interest charges. Since this was an honest mistake, I kindly request the removal of the failure to file and failure to pay penalties, as I did file and pay my taxes. I would appreciate speaking with someone to address the next steps. Thank you, R. Lerit.
Reported by GetHuman668836 on lunedì 4 giugno 2018 13:34
On May 7th, I contacted customer service to address the issue with my TurboTax not transmitting my taxes. I had a pleasant conversation with a representative who diligently reviewed my account history, noting my track record of timely tax payments. She confirmed that the payments were processing without penalties, and I saw the funds clear from my bank account on May 8th and 9th. Surprisingly, I later received a notice from the IRS citing failure to pay, failure to file, and interest charges. I believe this was an honest oversight and a rare occurrence. I kindly ask for the waiver of the failure to file and pay charges, as I have indeed filed and settled my taxes on time. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could assist me further on the next steps needed to resolve this matter. Thank you, R. Lerit
Reported by GetHuman668836 on lunedì 4 giugno 2018 14:17
I have not received my [redacted] taxes as yet. I was advised to call back if they did not arrive by April 9th. It is June now, and I am still waiting for my [redacted] taxes. I am Keith Busch. Due to an identity issue at Job Corps Patrick Industries, a lock was placed on my account. I visited the South Bend Indiana branch on Wayne Street in January to verify my identity. They informed me that a check would be sent to me within 8 weeks. Despite visiting again in December [redacted], almost two years have passed, and I am yet to receive my $1,[redacted] federal tax refund for [redacted]. Kindly contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you, and have a great day.
Reported by GetHuman751602 on martedì 5 giugno 2018 12:51
Subject: Assistance Needed for IRS [redacted] Student Tax Return Transcript To the IRS Help Desk, I am writing to inform you that I, Abdullah Sheikh, have been asked by my college's financial aid office to provide the IRS [redacted] Student Tax Return Transcript to verify my [redacted]-19 FAFSA. Though the office did not specify the required form's transcript, I believe it falls under the [redacted]-EZ category. I have attempted to create an account on to obtain the transcript online but failed due to not meeting the financial information requirement. I have a deadline of 15 days for the transcript submission and seek guidance on the process of obtaining it from the nearest IRS office or via mail promptly. Your prompt assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Yours sincerely, Abdullah Sheikh
Reported by GetHuman-absheikh on giovedì 7 giugno 2018 04:41
I am reporting two phone numbers that I suspect have been using the guise of the IRS to make inappropriate calls. They repeatedly contacted me claiming I had tax issues and threatened arrest. Upon calling back, one individual solicited phone sex despite my objections. The other number also made unwanted advances. Despite informing them I was a minor, their behavior persisted. To prevent this from happening to anyone else, I urge for these numbers to be investigated and the situation resolved promptly. The numbers in question are 1 [redacted] and [redacted]. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-sulurace on venerdì 8 giugno 2018 17:00
In [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted], I encountered tax issues with the IRS. Despite resolving the matter over the phone and being reassured that everything was sorted out and no further action was needed, I still did not receive my rightful refund. Recently, I received threatening voicemails stating I had warrants for fraud, only to find out that these calls were likely scams as the phone numbers provided were no longer in service. Unfortunately, I ignored legitimate IRS notices thinking the phone call had resolved everything. Now, I am unsure how to rectify this situation, provide the required documents, and ensure I receive my overdue refund. I have saved the voicemail messages as evidence. Any guidance would be appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman769807 on domenica 10 giugno 2018 21:26
I am currently caring for my step-grandchildren and was recently requested to provide documents. Unfortunately, during the same period, I received intimidating phone calls from individuals claiming to be the IRS (later discovered to be scammers). I cooperated, paid the requested amounts, and was assured to disregard any future correspondence from the IRS. This situation persisted for three years, with repeated deficiency letters and payments made over the phone and deducted from my refunds. Recently, I received threatening voicemails, but upon returning the calls, the number was out of service, leading me to realize I had been scammed. I have kept the messages for evidence. Seeking assistance and guidance on how to address this issue.
Reported by GetHuman-inosenci on lunedì 11 giugno 2018 21:41
I'm currently trying to complete an audit. I was advised by a rep in Atlanta to have the Kansas City examiner review the service notes. Despite following up after 2-3 days, it took over a week and multiple calls before receiving assistance via the app. However, I was transferred to a Tax Advocate Service as the IRS rejected paperwork from the MI Department of Human Services. We urgently faxed the school paperwork received on May first, seeking assistance. The IRS letter states a review around Oct. twenty-eighth, despite filing in January without errors. I've been informed that the IRS is too busy to consider previous years' filings. Instead, they focus on bombarding regular taxpayers with letters and denials, creating unnecessary stress.
Reported by GetHuman780935 on mercoledì 13 giugno 2018 17:17
As I am turning 65 and have completed the Medicare process, I will be continuing to work until I am 66. Currently, I have Medigap A & B with part D deductions from my checking account for payments. The issue arises as my employer requires all bills to be under their corporate name to receive the tax credit. Otherwise, the bills would come out of ADP payroll, making them subject to taxes since they are in my name. Social Security informed me that if I change to the employer's name, all correspondence will go to them. This creates a dilemma as my employer wishes to receive the tax credit, but switching the billing information may create complications. Is there a way to maintain my application without dis-enrolling and starting over to ensure my employer receives the tax credit? Their provided insurance has high deductibles and coinsurance, prompting me to opt for Medicare. Thank you. Sunny E.
Reported by GetHuman-sunella on giovedì 14 giugno 2018 11:20
I have a payment plan with the IRS for the funds owed on my [redacted] tax return. I typically make my payments online at On June 15th, I submitted a $75.00 payment online. Recently, I received an email from the IRS stating that the payment was returned due to an account number error and advised me to resubmit the payment to avoid interest and penalties. However, my bank statement from BB&T shows that the $75.00 payment was made to the IRS on June 15th without any issues with the account number. Despite this, I received another email requesting me to resend the payment, which I did on June 17th. I even received a confirmation number (#[redacted][redacted]) for the first payment. I am concerned that the recent email from the IRS might be a scam as my bank assured me that the payment went through successfully. I have tried contacting the IRS multiple times, but have been unable to reach an agent. According to my bank, I should address this matter promptly with the IRS. Could someone from the IRS please reach out to me at [redacted]/[redacted] as soon as possible?
Reported by GetHuman-bogin on lunedì 18 giugno 2018 20:17

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