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Archive 4

The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Tinder customer service, archive #4. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported June 19, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
Hello! I had a Tinder account a few months ago, never deleted it, but removed the app from my phone to free up storage. Now, I'm trying to delete my account by logging in through Facebook, but the app won't let me sign in despite having both apps updated and being logged into Facebook through my iPhone settings. I really want to delete my Tinder account, so any help would be appreciated!
Reported by GetHuman800750 on mardi 19 juin 2018 19:05
I've subscribed to Tinder Gold services, but my likes keep disappearing before I can respond. Initially, I thought accounts were being deleted, but even after resetting my profile, the issue persists. Within 5 hours of resetting, I received 32 likes, which later reduced to 0 without my ability to view or respond to most of them. This has been a recurring problem, with likes disappearing even after paying for the service. I am seeking assistance to resolve this issue and possibly extend my subscription for the months I've paid without enjoying the service. I've attempted to contact customer support through the website using different browsers on my IOS device but haven't been successful. Your app has potential, but resolving this recurring issue is essential.
Reported by GetHuman-cellblie on mercredi 20 juin 2018 11:44
I wanted to upgrade to Tinder Gold to clear the remaining matches on my screen. Initially, the 12-month subscription seemed reasonable at $7.09 per month until cancellation. However, upon purchase, I was charged the full amount upfront, which was unexpected. I quickly realized this and contacted the Google Play store for assistance to no avail. Within less than 30 minutes, I noticed the amount had been deducted from my account and now wish to request a refund.
Reported by GetHuman803380 on mercredi 20 juin 2018 15:24
My account has been reported incorrectly! I recently purchased 25 super likes and a 10-boost pack a few seconds ago, but then I received a warning and shortly after, a message popped up saying my account is under review. I rely on this account to connect with friends I talk to regularly. Despite being appropriate and clear about my intentions, people keep reporting me. I have invested a lot of money here, so please don't ban my account. I genuinely enjoy using your service. I believe I have been unjustly reported as I have never used any inappropriate language. I only communicate in ways that make me comfortable, yet others report me for my reasons for using this app. Please reactivate my account. I will be more cautious going forward. Thank you for considering giving me another chance. I value my account and hope for your understanding.
Reported by GetHuman-jayjen on mercredi 20 juin 2018 16:03
Name: Jay, 26 Email: [redacted] I am experiencing an issue with my account being reported incorrectly. I recently bought 25 super likes and a 10-boost pack, but shortly after, I received a warning and then my account was placed under review. This is concerning as I use the app to connect with friends and communicate regularly. Despite my appropriate behavior and intentions, I seem to have been reported unfairly. I have invested a significant amount of money into this app and I genuinely enjoy using it. I have never used inappropriate language and only engage in conversations that I am comfortable with. Please reconsider the status of my account and give me the opportunity to continue using your service. I promise to be more cautious in the future. I truly value my account and hope for a second chance. Thank you for your understanding and assistance.
Reported by GetHuman-jayjen on mercredi 20 juin 2018 16:14
I recently reinstalled Tinder after some time, but I'm having trouble as the app seems stuck on locating people near me. Even after setting the search parameters to [redacted] miles and an age range of 18-55+, I haven't seen any profiles. I've tried deleting and recreating my account several times, as well as logging out and back in, but nothing has worked. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app, to no avail. Despite accepting the terms and agreements, I am unable to see any potential matches. I reached out to Tinder support, but their only advice was to be patient. I've waited for hours, but still no luck. I would appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue so I can have the chance to connect with someone special. Thank you for your support.
Reported by GetHuman-aslanisa on mercredi 20 juin 2018 20:23
I am having trouble swiping on the app after creating a new account using my Facebook credentials. Despite adjusting the distance and age settings to the maximum, no profiles are showing up. I have attempted various troubleshooting steps, including deleting and reinstalling the app, logging out and back in, and waiting a day as per the website's support advice. However, nothing has resolved the issue. I am feeling frustrated as I have been unable to use the app since yesterday. I would appreciate it if my account could be fixed so that I can have an opportunity to find a connection. Thank you for your assistance.
Reported by GetHuman-aslanisa on jeudi 21 juin 2018 00:42
Hello, I currently have a Tinder Plus subscription linked to a different email for international swiping, but I have run out of super likes. To save costs, I'm considering getting a new Tinder account with a different email address, but purchasing another Tinder Plus subscription seems expensive. Is there a possibility of receiving a discount if I subscribe to two Tinder Plus accounts? Can the payment date be changed for the new account? When I try to upgrade, the message "restore failed" pops up, stating that my account is already linked to an existing Tinder Plus account, and sometimes it shows the current plan as Tinder Plus and the new plan costing [redacted]/month. Please provide assistance on how to proceed and offer a discount if possible. Thank you, Kiran K.
Reported by GetHuman-devilll on vendredi 22 juin 2018 15:52
I contacted Tinder support last night regarding issues with my account. They mentioned that the person I was trying to message may have deleted their account. However, I am experiencing continuous issues with messaging on the site. I had an active Tinder account last year and even subscribed to premium for a while. However, in March, I faced difficulties unsubscribing from premium, leading me to close my PayPal account and uninstall the app. Despite this, upon reinstalling, my original account seems to have been affected, resulting in fewer matches and constant shutdowns when attempting to message matches. I would appreciate it if someone could investigate my Tinder account to identify and resolve these issues.
Reported by GetHuman-howelljo on samedi 23 juin 2018 17:25
I am having an issue with a Tinder profile created without my permission. A friend made the profile using my Instagram pictures, and despite my discomfort, they are refusing to remove it. I did not consent to having my name and images shared on this platform. They are actively using my profile to swipe, match, and message others. I am very upset about this situation. If necessary, I can provide the phone number linked to the fake account. I hope that this matter can be resolved promptly.
Reported by GetHuman-smoldov on dimanche 24 juin 2018 19:28
My account is currently under review due to a report. I had Tinder Gold, and my personal rule is to unmatch anyone who starts the conversation with "hey beautiful" or similar phrases. As a woman, I have faced threats and harm from men who have done this in the past. If Tinder intends to penalize me for simply unmatching to safeguard myself from potentially dangerous situations because a man is upset he didn't get his way, then I will have to look elsewhere for a service. You can verify my account using my phone number [redacted]. I am eager to understand Tinder's stance on this issue and whether supporting the banning of paying female users to protect the egos of rejected men is part of their policy. I am quite upset about this. I hope we can resolve this matter so I can continue using Tinder as usual. If not, I will have to discontinue my usage. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-celevine on lundi 25 juin 2018 09:42
Hello, I recently discovered a charge for Tinder Gold on my account that I did not authorize. Despite deleting the app some time ago, I was automatically charged without any prior notice. I reached out to Charles, but he has not responded to my emails. I have no use for Tinder Gold as I am in a relationship now and no longer have the app on my phone. I promptly reported this issue within the timeframe specified on your website for a refund via Google Play, but the process did not work. Your policy allows for a refund within 14 days, which I am seeking. As a student living independently, this unauthorized charge has left me unable to pay my rent, causing issues with my landlord. It would have been appreciated to receive a warning before the charge. I was unaware it was a recurring payment. I urgently request a resolution to this matter and a refund as soon as possible as my rent is due, and I do not receive my next payment for another two weeks. Sincerely, Jesse
Reported by GetHuman828641 on jeudi 28 juin 2018 10:03
My friends accessed my Tinder account without permission, violating the guidelines. After receiving a warning, I rectified the situation and resumed using the account in compliance with the rules. However, when I occasionally suggested connecting on Instagram after a match, some may have misunderstood it as spam, resulting in a second report and the current inability to access my account.
Reported by GetHuman-greenry on jeudi 28 juin 2018 18:03
Dear Customer Service, I have been in contact with Charles via email multiple times regarding my Tinder account access issue. The error code ([redacted]) suggests I was 'banned' from Tinder for allegedly breaching their Terms and Guidelines. Despite explaining I did not violate any rules, I received no further response. I find it misleading that the ban message implies a temporary problem. I believe my account and profile do not violate any guidelines. My profile is free of inappropriate content or images. I request a review by higher management to clarify this misunderstanding. I am concerned that without control over my profile, it may still be visible. I suspect this ban relates to feedback I provided on political ads from another dating site affiliated with Tinder. I seek a fair explanation for the ban, considering I have respected all terms. Your prompt attention to resolving this matter would be appreciated. Sincerely, Diana
Reported by GetHuman-prinzsdi on jeudi 28 juin 2018 22:35
Hello, four years ago, I created a Tinder account using the phone number [redacted]. Approximately two years back, I purchased a 6-month premium access. Unfortunately, just over a month later, my account was deleted without any explanation, despite my payment for the 6 months. About six months ago, I signed up with a different phone number, [redacted], and paid for a year of premium service. However, within 6 weeks, my account got reported 3 times, put "under review," and ultimately deleted without clarification, even though I had paid for a year. No refunds were issued for either incident. Recently, I made a new account two weeks ago with the phone number [redacted], and to my surprise, I still had access to premium service. Unfortunately, within a day, this account was also deleted abruptly with no prior warnings. I believe I have not violated any terms of service, and most interactions are respectful. Although there may have been isolated incidents of confrontations with some matches, I believe they are minimal. I am interested in having my current account reinstated with the premium service extended for at least a year, considering the previous interruptions and payments. I can be reached at the email provided. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-ibench on vendredi 29 juin 2018 09:32
I canceled my one-month Tinder Plus subscription before it expired. I then purchased Tinder Gold for $23.89, but when I tried to use it, it didn't work. Despite upgrading, nothing has changed. The app shows that money was deducted from my bank account, and I have screenshots on my phone to prove it. The settings indicate that I have the features of Tinder Gold, like 5 super likes, but I can't see any new profiles or likes. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app, still no luck. I also sent a help request email this morning at 10 a.m. I'm frustrated and need this issue resolved promptly.
Reported by GetHuman-dalecgri on vendredi 29 juin 2018 18:42
Hello, I have attempted to reach out to you twice previously, seeking assistance with an urgent matter. PayPal is threatening to involve debt collectors regarding my account, compelling me to act swiftly. I would like to terminate my account and receive a refund. Initially, I understood my subscription to involve monthly payments. However, I later discovered that the full amount had been deducted, putting my PayPal balance in the negative, leading to the threat of debt collection. I am aware that I have a 30-day window for cancellation, which I am still within. This is my third attempt at contacting you, and given the gravity of the situation, prompt communication is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sharon R.
Reported by GetHuman-shazrich on samedi 30 juin 2018 10:21
One day my Tinder account was active, but the next day it was suddenly inaccessible. I tried to log back in without success. After checking Tinder's website for information, their suggestion was that I may have violated their terms or guidelines. I am certain that I have not acted inappropriately in any way on the app. Despite this, I did not receive any communication explaining the reason for the account suspension. I am disappointed as I was engaged in interesting conversations with some users. I would appreciate clarity on why my account was cancelled and assistance in restoring it.
Reported by GetHuman-emorytam on samedi 30 juin 2018 21:56
I seem to have been logged out of the app overnight, and now the phone verification login is only giving me two options: "log in with Facebook" (which I don't have) or "create a new account." I never log out of the app, so I'm confused as to why this happened. How can I access my account again? Account email: [redacted] Account phone: [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman838099 on dimanche 1 juillet 2018 00:58
Hello! Before I met my significant other, I used Tinder. After starting a relationship, I deleted the app from my phone and never accessed it on my MacBook. However, my boyfriend recently saw Tinder's location services denied on my Google Chrome. He suspects I've been using it, but I haven't. I'm unable to log in from my laptop. Is there a way for you to confirm my lack of activity on Tinder? Perhaps by providing proof of my last login attempt or any other information available. I'm willing to share my Tinder details. This situation is stressing me, and I don't want it to jeopardize my relationship. I don't want to lose a great partner over a misunderstanding. I appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-ajluv on dimanche 1 juillet 2018 21:06

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