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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Tinder customer service, archive #71. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported September 28, 2020 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
Hello, I have submitted several requests and unfortunately, most of them have gone unanswered. The few responses I have received seem automated and don't address my feedback properly. I came across a statement on your website that mentions a potential review process based on feedback, which gave me hope. Even after trying multiple times to contact someone for a review of my account, I have not made any progress. I am convinced that my ban was a mistake as I followed all the rules, remained polite, and never engaged in any inappropriate conversations. I also made significant purchases during my two days on the platform. This message is my final attempt to request a review of my account, even if the outcome does not lead to its reinstatement. If I don't receive a satisfactory response, I may need to proceed with a chargeback due to the lack of communication regarding the ban. I truly enjoy using Tinder and would like to continue supporting it. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-chasermo on понедельник, 28 сентября 2020 г., 20:51
I am facing an issue with the app regarding the lack of control over deleting conversations and contacts. The conversations with girls disappear after just one or two interactions due to a deletion feature activated by the back button. I did not delete them as they vanish abruptly. It seems like the app is erasing the conversations on its own accord. I wish to retrieve those conversations and have the setting changed not only for myself but for all users of the application. Kindly address this matter promptly. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman5310063 on понедельник, 28 сентября 2020 г., 21:15
I have asked for a refund due to my disappointment with your service, but I have not received it yet, and the other three payments have been deducted from my account as well. I find it challenging to get responses from your team quickly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Andrew, I apologize for any inconvenience caused. Our records show only one subscription charge with the order ID: TNDR.b703d866-6d23-4bea-adb8-3a1f65fb388c. Any additional charges you see may be pending and should be removed from your statement within 5-10 business days. If these charges persist, kindly contact your bank for further assistance. If you still wish to request a refund, please confirm by replying to this email. Thank you, Leonardo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I'm seeking information on the status of my £83.80 refund for 4 payments of £20.95 each. I canceled my membership due to payment issues on the app. Best regards, Andrew Vaughan
Reported by GetHuman-onemilky on вторник, 29 сентября 2020 г., 0:46
Dear Customer Service, I am writing to report an issue with my online dating account on Tinder. I have been trying to delete my account for the past few weeks without success. Each time I attempt, I receive an error message stating, "unable to delete account, please try again later." I am a Tinder Plus subscriber, and this problem should not be occurring. Please address this matter urgently as it is causing frustration, distress, and anxiety on my end. I request that my account with the email address "[redacted]" be deleted promptly. It is unacceptable that I am paying for a service that I am unable to manage. I anticipate your swift response to resolve this issue. For documentation purposes, I kindly ask that all correspondence regarding this matter be directed to this email address. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, Tom Hall
Reported by GetHuman-thallre on пятница, 2 октября 2020 г., 15:56
Hello, good morning. If you could please turn on the translator, you will understand the situation better. The issue is the following: on my cell phone, where I do my subscriptions, normally it showed whether a subscription was active or not. Now, only the expired ones show up, and the active ones don't appear. Also, I have no way of knowing if they are active, as it stopped showing in the Apple ID subscriptions section 20 days ago. This inconsistency of not being able to cancel the subscription sounds like complete fraud. I tried to notify not to charge me for this current month a few days ago, but it was impossible to get a response to the messages because the email they provide on the website always says (error in sending the given address). They charged me for the month, the subscription still doesn't appear, and I can't cancel it. I want to speak with someone from your team over the phone to resolve this quickly.
Reported by GetHuman-serleon on пятница, 9 октября 2020 г., 11:13
I want everyone to be aware of a user named Greg Voss. He frequently uses various email addresses and is active on numerous dating sites worldwide, not just in the U.S. Greg typically doesn't have a profile picture. On platforms like Match and Meetville, he sometimes uses his real information but also creates fake accounts. This man, aged 40 with an 18-year-old daughter and 23-year-old son, is a sex addict. Greg engages in online activities like chatting, video calls, and uses text apps to request pictures from women. He usually targets women between the ages of 18-25. Greg pretends to be charming, romantic, and portrays himself as a victim of his ex, gaining sympathy before transitioning into explicit conversations and exchanging photos. He often sends misleading pictures of himself and provides false information about his identity and age. Once caught, he disappears. His real name is Gregory Voss, and he works at Big Number One Motor Sports in Homewood, Alabama, residing in Adamsville, Alabama. His real phone number is [redacted]. Some of his known emails include [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], and his Instagram is voss942. Please take action against him.
Reported by GetHuman5349494 on пятница, 9 октября 2020 г., 11:27
Hello, I am writing to seek assistance regarding a refund from Tinder. Six months ago, I purchased a 6-month Gold subscription after creating my account. Fortunately, I found what I was looking for and promptly deleted my account and the app from my phone. However, to my surprise, I was charged for another 6 months nine days ago. I did not attempt to renew my subscription nor had any intentions to do so. My lack of account activity for the past 6 months can be verified. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-gabipho on пятница, 9 октября 2020 г., 12:54
I am raising awareness about a concerning individual named Greg Voss who frequently uses numerous aliases on various dating platforms. Despite occasionally disclosing his real information on platforms like Match and Meetville, he also operates fake accounts. Greg Voss, a 41-year-old who claims to have an 18-year-old daughter and a 23-year-old son, targeting women aged 18-25. Engaging in sexting and obtaining pictures under false pretenses, he manipulates by presenting himself as sympathetic and charming before disappearing once his deceit is revealed. Greg works at Big Number One Motor Sports in Homewood, Alabama, residing in Adamsville, Alabama. Some of his known email addresses are [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted] If you have encountered him, please be cautious and alert others to prevent further harm.
Reported by GetHuman5351633 on пятница, 9 октября 2020 г., 22:47
I recently matched with another member on the platform. After being sent two links by the member, I attempted to use my credit card for verification purposes but experienced issues with the transactions. Despite multiple attempts, I was charged twice for $39.95 each when I checked my bank account. I have already contacted my bank about this matter. I believe the charges are a result of the platform not accepting the credit cards initially and then processing the payments later, possibly due to a technical error. I kindly request a refund of $79.90 for the unauthorized charges. I have also signed up for a monthly account and would appreciate discussing this matter further if needed. If the refund could be processed promptly, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman5353356 on суббота, 10 октября 2020 г., 16:00
Subject: Request for Tinder Subscription Cancellation and Refund Reference code: TNDR.bced525d-d272-4f74-9b83-135516a7d04a Confirmation code: RT.9e316782-148a-4d08-bea8-54d29d156d8f I am contacting you regarding my recent Tinder subscription renewal. I did not intend to renew it, yet my credit card was billed automatically. I am requesting to cancel my subscription, delete my account, and receive a refund for the latest charge. I believe it is misleading to only inform customers after charging their credit cards, rather than providing an opportunity to decide beforehand. Although I may have agreed to it in the fine print during sign-up, this approach lacks transparency and overall honesty. Given my current financial constraints, it is imperative that I recover this payment. Your assistance in processing a refund would be greatly appreciated. Please acknowledge receipt of this message and update me on your decision. Sincerely, Megan S.
Reported by GetHuman5356225 on воскресенье, 11 октября 2020 г., 19:06
Last night, on October 11, I upgraded to Tinder Gold, the highest premium level, but woke up to find my account banned. After 6 years on Tinder without any previous issues, I am baffled and disappointed by this sudden ban. To add to the frustration, I didn't receive a pro-rated refund for the unused premium time. The message saying I could use the service until October 11 is misleading as I can no longer access any features, even non-premium ones. I essentially paid for a month's subscription but only got to use it for less than half a day. I seek clarification on the ban reason and a refund for the remaining unused period, or a resolution to lift the ban on my account.
Reported by GetHuman5357886 on понедельник, 12 октября 2020 г., 12:18
My Tinder account got hacked on October 10, [redacted]. When I logged in, I saw a woman's picture on my profile and noticed a lot of male attention. On October 11, [redacted], I discovered that £17.23 was taken from my bank account five times by Tinder, which was clearly done fraudulently. I want my money refunded. I logged out of Tinder, but when I tried to contact them for a refund, I was informed I needed to do it through my Tinder account. However, I couldn't log back in because my account was banned due to alleged inappropriate behavior. I'm very upset with how Tinder handled the situation and have decided not to use their services again. I just want the £86.15 that Tinder took from my account wrongfully returned. They were quick to block my account when it affected them but did nothing when my account was hacked and money was taken.
Reported by GetHuman5361563 on вторник, 13 октября 2020 г., 10:52
I want to alert everyone about a user named Greg Voss, who frequently uses various email addresses and is present on numerous dating sites. He often avoids using a profile picture and has been identified on Match and Meetville. Greg tends to create both authentic and fake accounts on these platforms. He is known to engage in inappropriate behavior, as he is a sex addict who frequents dating sites, chat rooms, and video chat apps to watch women. Greg manipulates conversations using text and burner number apps to obtain pictures from women, typically targeting individuals aged 18-25. Despite being 41 years old and having adult children, he portrays himself as sweet, romantic, and victimized by his ex, only to deceive and disappear once he gets what he wants. It is crucial to take action against individuals like Greg Voss. His real identity is Gregory Voss, and he works at Big Number One Motor Sports in Homewood, Alabama, residing in Adamsville, Alabama. He can be reached at [redacted] or through emails such as [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], and his Instagram is voss942.
Reported by GetHuman5362722 on вторник, 13 октября 2020 г., 16:16
I temporarily took my profile out of rotation for 2 days to capture screenshots of dating profile samples. After reactivating my profile and re-verifying my account due to the removal of my verification check, I have not received any likes or matches, despite reaching out to some users. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app to no avail. I suspect there may be a technical issue or that my account has been shadowbanned by Tinder. Additionally, the number of matches displayed is incorrect, showing [redacted] instead of the actual [redacted]. The app prompted me to re-enter my phone number for text verification, even though I was already logged in, and my feed is only displaying updates from 3 days ago.
Reported by GetHuman5372095 on пятница, 16 октября 2020 г., 4:47
Subject: Issue with Tinder Account To whom it may concern, I am contacting you regarding a problem I encountered with my online dating experience on Tinder. My account was unexpectedly banned without justification. I have been a user since [redacted], maintaining the same profile content without any violations. Upon investigation, it was discovered that my phone's IMEI has been blocked, preventing me from creating a new profile. I suspect that my account may have been compromised, especially considering my frequent travels as a flight attendant. Despite my attempts to resolve this issue with Tinder, I have not received a satisfactory explanation or solution. I am not seeking to regain access to my old account, but rather to have my phone unblocked for future use. This incident took place on 12/10/[redacted], resulting in the inability to access the app on my device. I believe this action was unjustified, as I have always followed Tinder's guidelines. I kindly request your assistance in resolving this matter promptly. Per Trading Standards recommendations, I prefer to document all correspondence via email for my records. Sincerely, K. Liszka
Reported by GetHuman5379310 on воскресенье, 18 октября 2020 г., 16:26
Hello, I recently got banned from your app without any given reason. I've only had conversations with about 3 or 4 individuals, and we've kept it respectful. Curiously, I was also banned from both OKCupid and Hinge on the same day this month. I've always maintained a polite and respectful attitude towards everyone I chat with or meet in person. I suspect either a malicious hacking or someone with a personal vendetta might be behind these bans. I kindly request a thorough review of the situation. Please scrutinize my messages as well as the history of the person who reported me on these platforms, as their actions may breach your terms and conditions. Thank you, J.
Reported by GetHuman5384053 on вторник, 20 октября 2020 г., 0:03
In April [redacted], I got banned from Tinder without receiving any explanation. A girl accused me of assisting a friend in a legal case involving buying sex in Stockholm. I responded emotionally, which is unlike me, but serious accusations provoke strong reactions. It's been six months since the ban, and I'm awaiting a response from Tinder regarding the ban lift. I even created a new account, purchased a six-month Gold membership, but got banned again upon changing my Apple ID. Spending €50 for just 10 minutes is disheartening. Living alone in Spain during COVID-19, socializing through the app is essential. I appeal for the ban to be reviewed after such a significant timeframe. Assistance in reinstating my account, especially since I've been a Gold member for 2-3 years and was double-charged €50 for the brief membership duration, would be greatly appreciated. My Tinder account is linked to my Apple ID and registered email [redacted] You can also find me on Facebook as Oliver Krohn. My previous Swedish number, ending in [redacted], is no longer in use. Any help resolving this issue would be highly valued.
Reported by GetHuman5410558 on среда, 28 октября 2020 г., 13:07
I recently tried the free version of Tinder on my phone, and I saw around 40 profiles of women in my area. I decided to upgrade to the paid version, and suddenly all the profiles disappeared. It seems like the initial profiles were possibly fake to entice me to subscribe. I found it frustrating that there was no customer service available to address my concerns. When I searched for reviews, many users gave the app a low rating, claiming their paid accounts were closed without reason. Online dating can be risky, as there have been cases of significant financial scams. It's essential to be cautious and not send money to anyone you meet online. Despite others finding success, my experience with Tinder was disappointing. I hope to receive a refund and consider changing my positive review of the app.
Reported by GetHuman-rayvanra on пятница, 30 октября 2020 г., 11:03
I want to bring attention to the presence of Greg Voss on your website. This user, known for using multiple email addresses, frequents various dating platforms worldwide. He often operates without a profile picture and can be found on platforms such as Match, Tinder, POF, Bumble, Elite Singles, and Meetville. Greg Voss is identified as a sex addict who engages in online activities to connect with women, using fake accounts at times. Despite being 41 years old with a daughter and son, he typically targets women aged 18-25. Greg manipulates individuals by portraying himself as sweet and romantic, only to later request inappropriate images. His real identity is Gregory Voss, working at Big Number One Motor Sports in Homewood, Alabama, and residing in Adamsville, Alabama. Some of his known email addresses include [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted] Additionally, he may use services like manymail and chimpmail.
Reported by GetHuman5419220 on пятница, 30 октября 2020 г., 22:02
I recently discovered that my Tinder account has been banned with no explanation. I am appalled by this action, especially given the presence of bots and sex workers on the app. I am seeking clarification on why my account was banned. If possible, please contact me promptly using the number provided above. I request a personalized response rather than a generic message. I have compiled a list of your management team's contact information, including emails and phone numbers. If I do not receive a satisfactory explanation, I plan to reach out continuously until the matter is resolved.
Reported by GetHuman-steveaub on суббота, 31 октября 2020 г., 8:07

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