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Archive 8

The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Uber EATS customer service, archive #8. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported June 29, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
Hello, I placed an order through my account for a meal before work. Despite paying extra for add-ons at the restaurant, my entire order was incorrect, and none of the upgrades I paid for were included. Upon contacting customer service to address the issue, I received a refund. However, when attempting to place a new order, I discovered that my account has been disabled. It seems unfair that my account was disabled due to the restaurant's mistake. After spending over 20 minutes on the phone with customer service, I am frustrated by the lack of information regarding my account status. This experience has been extremely disappointing, and I am considering switching to Skip the Dishes instead of continuing to use Uber Eats. The customer service provided has been subpar.
Reported by GetHuman-jcyl on vendredi 29 juin 2018 19:51
I work for a home care company that assists elderly clients with various needs, including getting food. Today, I ordered McDonald's via Uber Eats for an elderly woman with dementia who can't leave her home alone due to safety concerns. The estimated delivery time was 25-35 minutes, which seemed reasonable. Unfortunately, I faced a series of issues with the order. The Uber Eats driver encountered problems with the address and left the food at the restaurant. I placed a second order out of desperation, but the overall experience took about 1.5 hours. Despite contacting Uber Eats to cancel the second order and expressing my frustrations, I was denied a refund. The customer service representative was unhelpful and unapologetic, leaving me disappointed and shocked. I seek a refund for the second meal and a sincere apology for the inconvenience. Reflecting on my own job where I address complaints promptly and fairly, I hope for a similar level of service from Uber Eats to rectify this unpleasant experience.
Reported by GetHuman-carbarba on vendredi 29 juin 2018 20:25
I was logged onto my account on another device, but it no longer works, so I had to switch to a different one. I've verified my email and logged into my account, but every time I try to place an order, it prompts me to enter a code sent to my phone number, which I haven't received because the system won't allow me to enter my phone number. I am unable to verify that it is indeed mine as the system says it's already in use. I've been trying to order for over half an hour now, and I haven't received any assistance.
Reported by GetHuman834854 on vendredi 29 juin 2018 21:26
I ordered food, but when they called me, I couldn't find the delivery person and tried to contact them through Uber's provided number. Unfortunately, I couldn't reach the driver. I waited outside hoping for another call that never came. Eventually, I received a text stating I would be charged with no opportunity to discuss the issue. This is the worst customer service I have ever encountered. As a regular Uber user, I am extremely disappointed. There were several ways Uber could have handled this better. They should have called me a second time or connected me directly to the driver instead of a generic customer service line. I am certain a refund is warranted, and I will be very surprised if it is not issued. This experience has left me with a negative impression of the company.
Reported by GetHuman835840 on samedi 30 juin 2018 04:23
I ordered food last night and part of my order was missing upon delivery. The restaurant claims it was Uber's mistake, not theirs. I paid $63.19, but the rice (2) and butter chicken were absent from the packing receipt. I need a refund for the missing items. I had issues with Uber sending drivers to the wrong address before, but that got resolved. Now, receiving incomplete orders from UberEats is disappointing. I am considering switching back to Amazon Restaurants.
Reported by GetHuman-irenechr on samedi 30 juin 2018 14:52
I had a delivery from Salathai restaurant on [redacted] Alpine St, Los Angeles, CA to [redacted] Wilshire Blvd with a 1.5x boost. Upon arrival, the customer requested the delivery to a different address, [redacted] E 120th St, Los Angeles, CA. Despite contacting UberEats support for guidance, I am disappointed that the payment did not reflect the additional 13 miles traveled. Initially estimated at $7.78 from the restaurant to the original drop-off location, I was informed that adjustments would be made. However, the final payment of $14.90 only accounted for the trip from the restaurant to the new address, not acknowledging the 1.5x boost. Furthermore, the $7.78 previously earned was deducted from my total earnings, concerning the distance covered from the restaurant to the customer's original location.
Reported by GetHuman-zinthias on dimanche 1 juillet 2018 00:11
Hello, I made a reservation for a pizza through Uber Eats in Paris, with order number 36E24. After waiting for about an hour and a half and seeing the status as "on the way," I contacted Parker Pizza. They mentioned the pizza was just dispatched, so I continued to wait. However, after an additional 30 minutes passed without receiving the order, I reached out again. The Pizza shop informed me that the rider might have had trouble contacting me, which seemed odd as I did not receive any calls and the Uber Eats app showed the rider not moving. They advised me to request a refund on the Uber Eats website. I find this situation incredibly frustrating after waiting for almost two hours without any resolution. I wasn't able to eat, and they're asking me to deal with getting a refund myself. I'm quite disappointed. The rider was Sankoumba5.0, and the restaurant was Parker Pizza.
Reported by GetHuman-harryliu on dimanche 1 juillet 2018 20:04
I made an error in my Uber Eats order and immediately contacted customer service to cancel and receive a refund. Unfortunately, the representative I spoke with was unhelpful and rude, refusing to cancel the order initially. After a lengthy discussion, the representative checked with the restaurant only to find out the order had already been placed, denying my refund request. Despite my quick action in contacting them, I was unable to rectify the mistake due to poor customer service. I am seeking a full refund for the order as I no longer wish to proceed with it.
Reported by GetHuman840321 on lundi 2 juillet 2018 00:21
I experienced an issue with the Uber Eats app when I tried to order from two partnered restaurants. The app kept changing the delivery time, and when I contacted Uber Eats, I was informed that there were no available drivers for these restaurants at that time. I would have appreciated knowing this earlier to avoid waiting over an hour for nothing. This experience has left me frustrated, and I will be looking for alternative delivery services or opt for picking up the food myself in the future. I originally thought Uber Eats was meant to make life more convenient for those without access to transportation, but this incident has made me reconsider using the app again.
Reported by GetHuman840648 on lundi 2 juillet 2018 05:34
I have a concern regarding the delivery service provided as I often find that the drivers do not follow the delivery instructions I provide. Despite mentioning "Deliver to door," some drivers wait in their vehicles instead of coming to the door, leaving me to fetch the delivery outside. Although I now meet them outside, I specifically instruct them to come to the large 2-way driveway where we can easily meet. Even with clear instructions, a previous driver parked on the street and caused confusion. It would be beneficial if drivers were notified when customers leave specific delivery instructions to ensure they are followed. Additionally, having the option for customers to include a "Meet me here" photo in the details section could reduce confusion and save time during deliveries.
Reported by GetHuman-tetrathy on lundi 2 juillet 2018 19:02
Hi there! Some time ago, I made an order but the driver had to cancel last minute due to car trouble. Uber Eats customer support gave me a 50% off code ([redacted]-[redacted]-[redacted]) for a future order. I used it today for order #146CA, but when I called, I was told to email for the discount as the code was not working. I would appreciate any assistance you can offer in processing the discount. I enjoy using Uber Eats and hope to resolve this matter positively. Thank you for your help! Best regards, NC
Reported by GetHuman844482 on mardi 3 juillet 2018 01:02
I recently submitted a few reports last night and one this morning regarding an issue with my recent Uber Eats order. I want to clarify that I usually have a great experience with Uber Eats and rely on the service frequently due to not being able to drive. While I have encountered a couple of missing items previously, I chose not to complain as it was not a significant problem. However, during this instance, I received the wrong order due to the driver potentially mixing up multiple deliveries. I promptly messaged the driver after discovering the error, but unfortunately, she did not respond. This situation is concerning to me as I received an incorrect and cheaper item, leading to a waste of money. I value the convenience Uber Eats provides me and wish to continue using the app; nonetheless, I feel unsettled. I have submitted a report with a photo illustrating the discrepancy between what I ordered and what I received. I kindly request a refund for this order. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, and I appreciate your attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-hentaipr on mardi 3 juillet 2018 13:50
I am planning to lodge a formal complaint against Ubereats. Even though they operate globally, I believe I can address the issue locally with the appropriate authorities. I have already sought advice from a legal professional as Ubereats declined to reimburse me after I fell ill due to their food. With the remaining food causing me ongoing health issues, I intend to seek medical attention as advised by the lawyer and then update him. Ubereats may regret not refunding me promptly. The matter remains unresolved, and I am considering involving a local news outlet to shine a light on their questionable practices.
Reported by GetHuman-thaethee on mardi 3 juillet 2018 14:41
I placed an Uber Eats order on Saturday, June 30th with an estimated delivery time of 7:29 a.m. Upon checking the app, the food was still unconfirmed by the restaurant. I contacted Uber Eats to cancel the order since it hadn't been confirmed or picked up by a driver. Despite my request, I was informed that orders couldn't be canceled. After being put on hold, I was notified that the driver had picked up the order. I reiterated my desire to cancel due to not being home beyond the expected delivery time. The representative mentioned the driver's imminent arrival, which I couldn't accommodate. Even though my family and I didn't eat the food, I was advised I'd still be charged if the order was canceled. The following day, I attempted to request a refund but was informed that no managers were available. I'm seeking a refund for the order as I tried to cancel it before restaurant confirmation.
Reported by GetHuman846694 on mardi 3 juillet 2018 18:11
On July 3, [redacted], my colleagues and I placed an order on Uber Eats for lunch. We scheduled our break for 2:30 pm, expecting the delivery by 2:33 pm. Unfortunately, the food never arrived, and we only discovered the order was canceled on the website 3 minutes before the estimated delivery time. After contacting the restaurant, they redirected the blame towards Uber Eats. This caused us to miss our break and go without our meal. It's crucial for Uber Eats to improve their service by promptly assigning a new driver for any issues that arise. This experience was very disappointing, and if this is a common occurrence, I may have to reconsider using this delivery service again.
Reported by GetHuman-fkoulian on mardi 3 juillet 2018 19:01
I am disappointed with the repeated issue of receiving slow and unprofessional food delivery from the same rider named Brandon in the Portland-Beaverton [redacted] area. He not only takes an extra hour to deliver my food but also delivers for other apps simultaneously. If this matter is not addressed promptly by removing Brandon and ensuring he does not handle my orders in the future, I will be forced to stop using Uber Eats. My previous complaints regarding Brandon's behavior seem to have been ignored, and I cannot tolerate such dishonest and inadequate service. Uber Eats risks losing our daily business if this continues.
Reported by GetHuman847237 on mardi 3 juillet 2018 20:26
I placed an order for Mexican food while at work in a medical facility and waited over an hour to receive it. Unfortunately, I missed the driver's attempts to contact me, and my order was canceled without a refund. After reordering the same items, I encountered further issues with the driver, causing my food to never arrive. I attempted to contact the driver but was unable to reach them through the automated system they provided. This experience left me upset and hungry all day. I am requesting a refund for the undelivered order.
Reported by GetHuman-dreamsta on mercredi 4 juillet 2018 00:22
Hello, I am Liza Zuniga, and I placed an order (AC565) at the McDonald's in Harrisburg. When the Uber driver left before receiving all the bags from the manager, we encountered issues. My order was severely delayed, arrived cold, and was incomplete - missing my son's meal along with 2 drinks and 7 large fries. This situation upset my husband, and my son even refused the food. The shift manager, Delores, mentioned that UberEats should issue the refund since the driver left prematurely. I request a full refund as we have returned the food. Thank you. Sincerely, Liza Zuniga.
Reported by GetHuman-lizazuni on mercredi 4 juillet 2018 07:21
I have made over 5 orders on the app, but each time my order got canceled. After contacting customer service, I was informed that the decision lies with the restaurants, which is understandable. I requested a $5 discount on my next order due to the inconvenience, but I was repeatedly told that no compensation would be provided. This situation is unreasonable and not acceptable. While I understand Uber does not control the restaurants, if they are listed on the app, they should be reliable, and there should be some form of compensation for customers facing repeated order cancellations. If I performed my job similarly, I would likely be dismissed. A $5 discount would not significantly impact your profits, and it seems unfair that compensation is not offered. I have decided to no longer use this app or your car service in the future.
Reported by GetHuman-ncam on mercredi 4 juillet 2018 08:33
Tonight, I placed an order at McDonald's located on [redacted] San Pablo Avenue, Oakland CA [redacted]. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time my order has been canceled more than an hour after being placed. An earlier order from a different McDonald's took much longer for delivery than expected, and I was still charged. It's frustrating that while Uber is reliable, Ubereats consistently disappoints. I'm starting to question my loyalty to your company, considering switching to Lyft. Despite using Uber frequently, around 60-70 times a month, the ongoing issues with Ubereats make it difficult to continue supporting a company associated with such a flawed app.
Reported by GetHuman-baughman on mercredi 4 juillet 2018 12:58

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