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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Yahoo customer service, archive #17. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported June 29, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I received an email from Yahoo stating that my account will be deactivated unless I reply with my password. I did not request this, so my account should not be deactivated. Below is the email: From: "Yahoo" <[redacted]> To: [redacted] There has been a request to cancel your Yahoo account ritaredfearn27. The request was received from your Yahoo account on June 28, [redacted], 23:21 GMT. Sometimes these requests are made in error. If this deactivation was not requested by you, we ask that you submit your password in reply to this email. Once the current password on the account is verified, the deactivation request will be canceled, and your account will remain active. Be advised, once an account is deactivated, it cannot be recovered. Thank You, The Yahoo Team
Reported by GetHuman-ritaredf on vendredi 29 juin 2018 17:51
Hello, my name is Anthony Hanslin. Several months ago, I changed my phone number and have since been unable to access my Yahoo account, [redacted] This Yahoo account is crucial for my Yahoo fantasy football league, which I have been a part of for a decade. Unfortunately, the account is linked to my old phone number, making it inaccessible to me even after numerous attempts to regain access. I received an email from Yahoo requesting 5 contacts for verification, but I never set up any contacts on my account. This has left me unsure of how to proceed in recovering my account. Regaining access is vital for me and my friends to restart our league, so any assistance in resolving this matter promptly would be greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman-hernshit on vendredi 29 juin 2018 18:31
I can no longer access the phone linked to my account, following a suspected compromise of my accounts with reset passwords. I can verify my identity but am concerned about the issues with my Google accounts, all stemming from my phone service. How did this happen, and what can be done to resolve it? Email: [redacted] Username: Draka SixtySeven (I believe) Password: daegilosqarmates Name: Draka SixtySeven
Reported by GetHuman834341 on vendredi 29 juin 2018 19:25
Hello Yahoo team, I am interested in automating the spam unsubscribe process in my emails using Python automation, specifically utilizing BeautifulSoup. I have two main reasons for this. Firstly, I aim to test out my newly acquired skills in BeautifulSoup. Secondly, automation would not only save me time but would also allow for additional features like receiving notifications on my computer for important emails, such as those from my starred emails like Dean. This customization would enhance the efficiency of my email management. I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide guidance on this automation process and any assistance you can offer. Also, could you please share the requirements for downloading data from Yahoo Finance? I am working on a financial investment project for university and need financial data projections to test some hypothetical algorithms. Using web scraping would expedite data collection and be tremendously beneficial for my team and me. I look forward to your response. Best regards, Ace Jr
Reported by GetHuman-kotw on vendredi 29 juin 2018 23:23
I am seeking assistance in recovering my hacked Yahoo account, which I believe has been compromised for 6 months now. Attempts to regain access have proven futile as I suspect the account's information has been altered, preventing my entry. I suspect my husband's ex is utilizing the account illicitly for communication purposes. While I have successfully retrieved my Facebook and Gmail accounts, my Yahoo account is of utmost importance as it is linked to my financial and payroll data. This account holds significant history as it has been in use for years. I am willing to provide photo ID verification to confirm my identity. Unfortunately, due to harassment, I have changed my phone number. It is distressing that my email can be taken so easily. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Cheryl S. Known emails are [redacted] and [redacted], which are managed jointly. Thank you once again for your help.
Reported by GetHuman-cherylse on samedi 30 juin 2018 12:59
I have been using the same Yahoo account since [redacted], WV land man [redacted] at About a year ago, after going through a divorce, I set up notifications to my phone for attempted logins. Unfortunately, my house was robbed, and all my devices were taken, including my cell phone. I cannot access my Yahoo account now as it requires the phone for verification. The only other linked account is an old business email that I no longer have. I urgently need to access this account. Is there a way for me to prove my identity by answering security questions like street I grew up on or childhood friend's name? My alternate email is on a Google account. Please reach out to me at [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-joshdeve on samedi 30 juin 2018 15:14
I suspect my Yahoo account has been compromised as I faced email issues in April and May of [redacted]. I found unfamiliar websites in my spam folder and received mailer domain errors when replying to certain contacts. Notifications on a different device indicate trouble signing into my account. Emails to my divorce attorney at [redacted] experienced up to 24-hour delays, with mailer domain errors when responding. The errors revealed the emails originated from my husband's divorce attorney, who also used Yahoo. Some of my sent emails ended up in the draft folder without my action. My attorney also had trouble receiving emails from select contacts on her personal account.
Reported by GetHuman-mollymae on samedi 30 juin 2018 19:23
My husband has been receiving numerous calls from car dealerships across the country on his business line. We suspect a disgruntled individual may have used an email account, [redacted], with misleading information to contact these dealerships and they in turn are calling my husband's business line. We are looking to address this issue and need to reach out to Yahoo to resolve it as the email in question is not valid.
Reported by GetHuman-shakanik on samedi 30 juin 2018 20:59
I recently upgraded my phone and after transferring all my data, I found myself logged out of all my accounts, including my email ([redacted]). Despite trying various methods to regain access, I haven't been successful. Although the email is still accessible on my old phone, I can't seem to verify it with my phone number as I thought I had. It's likely that I recently reset the password as prompted by Yahoo, but unfortunately, I didn't note it down. This email is crucial to me as it is linked to many other accounts. I'm hoping for assistance on how to reset the password given that the email is still logged in on my old phone. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you. Best regards, Robby C.
Reported by GetHuman-robcarp on samedi 30 juin 2018 21:57
Hello! I am seeking assistance with regaining access to my Yahoo account. The Yahoo address associated with my account is [redacted], and I previously used the password "Polgar," named after the famous female chess champion. After recently changing my password, I misplaced the note where I wrote the new password down. When trying to recover my account online, I correctly answered one security question about my favorite dog, "nutmeg," but had trouble with the question about my first dog, "Pete." Unfortunately, I hadn't set up an alternate email or phone for verification. I am Paul Burke from Detroit, and any guidance on how to prove my identity and retrieve my account would be greatly appreciated. I will provide my work email address in the next message. Thank you - Paul Burke
Reported by GetHuman837948 on samedi 30 juin 2018 23:48
I can't remember my Yahoo password, and the phone number linked to my Yahoo account is outdated. I need to update my phone number and reset my password to access my account. I was expecting to be prompted with security questions after multiple failed login attempts, but that hasn't happened. I simply want to regain access to my account, reset my forgotten password, and update the outdated phone number associated with it.
Reported by GetHuman-baymicah on dimanche 1 juillet 2018 00:51
I am experiencing problems with my BT Yahoo email. Some emails are disappearing, despite checking all spam, junk, filters, trash, and blocked folders, and ensuring my settings are correct. I have tested sending from different email accounts, and certain addresses are not receiving my emails. I understand the usual advice to check filters and add contacts to the safe list, but this hasn't resolved the issue. Notably, even personal emails with attachments are going missing. I use a VPN but have tested without it as well. I prefer not to share the troubled email address for responses due to delivery concerns.
Reported by GetHuman-adzmw on dimanche 1 juillet 2018 08:06
I am experiencing issues trying to delete my Yahoo Messenger account. Each time I attempt to delete it, I face difficulties with password authentication, needing a text with letters to sign in. Even when I can access my account, the deletion option seems unavailable. Contacting support is challenging, with the only available method being to report a spam incident. I have reached incident number [redacted]5, yet my aim was to delete my account. Please, make this process simpler and delete my Messenger account ([redacted]) entirely. Confirm the deletion via email to [redacted] Your prompt assistance is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, John C.
Reported by GetHuman-jonne on dimanche 1 juillet 2018 16:37
Hello. I made an additional Yahoo email to set up a new Facebook account because of a hacking issue and an abusive situation with my ex. I can't access [redacted] because I only remember the first and third security questions. I can't get into Facebook because I was logged out when I changed devices and don't remember the password. I can't reset the password because I can't access the email account created by a friend in the UK back in [redacted], who no longer has access. This email is also linked to [redacted] for recovery, but I can't use it. I really need to access a lot of personal information on the Facebook account linked to this email. Please assist me.
Reported by GetHuman-smvil on dimanche 1 juillet 2018 19:27
Hello, I appreciate your inquiry. Unfortunately, my Yahoo account was compromised over a month ago, and the recovery email displayed is not familiar to me. The login activity does not coincide with my Swiss location and IP. I urgently need access to my Yahoo account as it contains crucial information for my Blizzard BattleNet and Sony PSN login details. My email, [redacted], has been in use for at least 15 years, with sent emails dating back to 2[redacted]. In the past, my passwords have been relatively simple, such as wayway1, waywayway1, Wayway1, and so on. Your prompt and personalized assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Reto K.
Reported by GetHuman-djsmbjr on dimanche 1 juillet 2018 19:45
I recently got a new cell phone and a new number due to damaging my old one. However, I am struggling to access my Yahoo account. Every time I update my number, it becomes a challenge to log in and I end up creating a new account. I am frustrated with the process and wish it was easier to recover my existing email. Despite answering the security questions, I am still unable to access my account as Yahoo insists on texting my old number. I urge Yahoo to improve their system and make it simpler for users to access their accounts without unnecessary hurdles. If you need to contact me, you can reach out via email at [redacted] as I no longer use the listed Yahoo account.
Reported by GetHuman-ttree on lundi 2 juillet 2018 05:25
Good morning, I am experiencing issues with my Yahoo account. I have attempted to contact Yahoo support via text without success. Now, I am seeking solutions online. Around 7 years ago, I created my Yahoo account as “[redacted]”. I did not record the answers to my security questions nor set up an emergency email. Approximately a year ago, my password manager removed my Yahoo password after a restart. Consequently, I am unable to reset my password independently due to my forgotten security question and lacking an emergency email. I possess various account details that can confirm my identity as the account owner and creator. What I require is to engage in a live chat with a real person and not merely receive automated responses. I hope for a resolution to this issue. Best regards, Max Schodry
Reported by GetHuman-maxscho on lundi 2 juillet 2018 11:28
I am attempting to recover my Yahoo account under the email address "[redacted]" This is an old account of mine. Unfortunately, I am unable to access the recovery email linked to this account, and I have forgotten the password. I am prepared to provide any necessary information to verify my ownership, including answering security questions or engaging in additional verification steps. I am willing to go as far as visiting the company headquarters or participating in an online interview if required. Your assistance in recovering this account is greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering my request, and I look forward to your response.
Reported by GetHuman-knightfi on lundi 2 juillet 2018 12:01
I'm struggling to access my old Yahoo email account because I can't recall the password and no longer have access to the recovery email associated with it. Retrieving this email is crucial as it contains important information needed to recover another email address. I am willing to go to extreme lengths to prove my ownership of the account, including visiting the company headquarters to sign any necessary forms or conducting an online interview. I am desperate to regain access to my email and would appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thanks for taking the time to consider my request. Email Address: [redacted] Remembered passwords: - [redacted] - [redacted]F - F[redacted] - FL[redacted] - F[redacted]L - [redacted]L - [redacted]FL First Name: Firas Last Name: Othman
Reported by GetHuman-knightfi on lundi 2 juillet 2018 12:14
Hello, I am having trouble accessing my email account because of a verification issue. I no longer have access to the mobile number linked to my account for the past three years, preventing me from receiving the verification code. I remember my email address ([redacted]) and password, but I need assistance. This email account is vital for my Runescape account, and I must recover it to change my password. Thank you for any help you can provide.
Reported by GetHuman841331 on lundi 2 juillet 2018 13:23

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