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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about eBay customer service, archive #10. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported July 1, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I am experiencing a seller limit on my account and have made multiple attempts to have it increased. Despite having all positive feedback, the limit remains in place. I have verified my information and called four times without any success. The customer service automated system advises me to wait 30 days before calling again but does not provide clear instructions on how to become eligible for a limit increase. Although articles suggest that verifying information and calling should resolve the issue, I am still experiencing the restriction. Given that I have only interacted with the automated system and have not spoken to a live representative, this issue continues unresolved without any apparent cause for the restriction on my account.
Reported by GetHuman840141 on dimanche 1 juillet 2018 22:46
I purchased a BBQ grill (item #[redacted]55) on 06/28/[redacted] using PayPal. An email from eBay on 06/27/[redacted] mentioned that the seller's account might have been compromised, leading to the item's removal and cancellation. I promptly filed a case with eBay (Case #[redacted]) and informed PayPal about the situation. After eBay closed my case upon finding out about my PayPal claim, PayPal also closed my case advising eBay to handle the matter. I am requesting eBay to reconsider my case or permit me to submit a new one to address this matter effectively.
Reported by GetHuman-jym on lundi 2 juillet 2018 18:28
I am experiencing an issue with my eBay account. Upon checking a current bid using a link from an alert email, I noticed a discrepancy. My registered user name is gflat223, but my bid on item number [redacted]26 shows a different name, 2***l(76). I have never requested to be registered under this name. Although an eBay representative previously mentioned that both names belong to me, I want to ensure that I only operate on eBay under one name, preferably gflat223. I would like this matter resolved without jeopardizing my bid for item number [redacted]26. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman845086 on mardi 3 juillet 2018 08:41
I have encountered a recurring issue regarding my username on eBay. Although I've previously attempted to address this matter with your team, my current bid on Item number: [redacted]26 displays a username I did not register for. My username should be gflat223, not 2***l (76). While speaking with an eBay representative about a past auction, I was informed both usernames are mine, but I prefer to have consistency and solely operate under gflat223. I want to resolve this issue promptly to avoid any complications with my current bid. Please ensure that my account reflects the correct username (gflat223) without jeopardizing my bid for Item number [redacted]26.
Reported by GetHuman-geuff on mardi 3 juillet 2018 13:20
I have experienced three instances where the seller cancelled my bids on eBay without providing reasons in the bid history as stated on eBay's webpage. The seller removed the old ad, reposted the same item with a new ad, and there was no reserve price set during the bidding process. It seems sellers are pulling ads with low bids, not following eBay's procedures. The cancellation emails are provided below: 1) Dear eBay Community Member, The bid for item ([redacted]82) has been cancelled. View the reason by selecting the bid history link. Customer: A. 2) Dear eBay Community Member, The bid for item ([redacted]83) has been cancelled. Find the reason in the bid history. Customer: A. 3) Dear eBay Community Member, The bid for item ([redacted]81) has been cancelled. Check the bid history for the reason. Customer: A. All three issues involve the same customer, and it seems the customer is avoiding selling these items to me within eBay's policies. I request eBay to contact the seller, A., and ensure the completion of these sales by honoring my bids.
Reported by GetHuman-dgbeisel on mercredi 4 juillet 2018 04:47
I encountered an issue with three items I won in a bid on July 30th. I promptly paid for the three sets of 6pcs handbags after winning and receiving payment emails from eBay. However, I only received order confirmation emails for two of the items. The following day, eBay notified me that the listings were no longer available and not to proceed with payment. Despite this, my purchase history showed that all three items were paid for. On July 2nd, the payment was deducted from my account after being on hold. When attempting to request a refund through the help center, the items were marked as not paid. I messaged the sellers to mark the items as paid. I understand that I need to wait three days before involving eBay, but without a confirmation email, I am concerned this case might not be visible to eBay. I can provide all necessary evidence and details. How can I expedite the refund process? Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-salontes on mercredi 4 juillet 2018 10:51
I am writing to express my disappointment regarding my eBay transaction, item number: [redacted]68. I made the purchase and payment on June 27, [redacted], at 10:49PM. Although I have paid for the item, my eBay app still indicates that it has not been shipped yet. The seller mentioned a 5-day waiting period in their selling statement after the payment clears, but it has now been 3 days past that. The seller also mentioned something about checking their watches. From my perspective, this seller is significantly slower in shipping compared to others. As a US customer, I expect items to be shipped promptly after payment. After 8 days of waiting, I am frustrated with the delay in shipping. I believe the seller either does not have the watch or it is not as described in the listing. I urge eBay to intervene and request the item to be shipped within 24 hours or refund my payment. In conclusion, sellers should have their items ready for shipping when the listing goes live to ensure a smooth transaction process. Thank you, D. Demcovici
Reported by GetHuman852689 on jeudi 5 juillet 2018 20:36
Dear Ebay, I am writing to address the issue regarding a purse I bought from 'Vintage Couture' as it did not match the description provided. I have now received the 'returns' address which is as follows: ANKIT BHATI 12 Krishna Colony Behind Khan Complex Udaipur Udaipur RJ [redacted] Strangely, the item arrived just two days after I placed the order, and it was shipped from: Vintage Couture [redacted] Bay Lake Trail Suite [redacted] North Las Vegas, NV [redacted], USA I am unsure about the postage cost to send it back to India, especially since the seller did not include a paid return slip. I believe this might be a scam. Therefore, I kindly request you to document this complaint and provide me with guidance on how to proceed with this return. Sincerely, Bertha J.
Reported by GetHuman-wwort on vendredi 6 juillet 2018 16:25
Hello, I am reaching out because I noticed an issue in my bank account regarding unauthorized charges from seller Judeht7. They charged me five times for an item I did not purchase, totaling $68.55. After contacting the seller, they claimed no transactions on their end and advised me to check with my bank. I confirmed with the bank that the amount was indeed processed on July 5th. Despite providing proof to the seller, I have not received a response after multiple attempts. The purchase does not appear in my eBay history, further confirming it was not authorized. I am seeking assistance in getting a refund for the $68.55. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-ismael_n on vendredi 6 juillet 2018 21:33
I recently had many handbags listed on eBay, but they were removed due to trademark violations, and my account got restricted for 30 days. The bags I listed are authentic, and I believe eBay needs to provide proof of the trademark violation. I am willing to provide the bags to eBay for verification by the original brand seller. I have noticed other sellers with similar listings who have not faced the same action. Please contact me via email at [redacted] to address this matter promptly.
Reported by GetHuman-jessxiao on samedi 7 juillet 2018 05:13
Hello there, I frequently use eBay as a buyer. Recently, I purchased a beach pop-up tent that was not as described by the seller. Upon receiving it, I promptly contacted the seller to request a return as it was not a pop-up tent. The seller's response was quite unusual. They mentioned that if the parcel was opened, they could not resell the item and suggested I sell it to someone else. They offered a partial refund of 8USD as compensation but stated they would not cover the return shipping fee. I insisted on a return shipping label to send the item back to the seller and requested a full refund. As a long-time eBay buyer, I am dissatisfied with this seller and their customer service. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-lyart on samedi 7 juillet 2018 11:38
I purchased this watch and have concerns about its authenticity and functionality. The seller listed the address as Miami, FL, but the item arrived from Peru, South America, over a month later. The watch does not keep time for more than 4 hours, even when not being worn. I have contacted the seller to express my disappointment and will have to have it repaired when I return to the US. The watch was described as a Vintage Rare Omega Constellation Automatic Cal.[redacted] - Circa [redacted] in mint condition. However, it is not functioning as described in the listing. Overall, I am dissatisfied with this purchase experience.
Reported by GetHuman-lombarde on samedi 7 juillet 2018 11:51
Hello, I sold a t-shirt on June 28, [redacted], and shipped it out on June 29, [redacted]. The buyer received it on July 2, [redacted], but claims to have gotten the wrong item. Despite my assurance that I sent the correct t-shirt, eBay ruled in favor of the buyer. I contacted eBay customer service to explain, and they requested the buyer provide proof of the error. The deadline for a response was July 7, [redacted]. However, early this morning, the buyer escalated the case, and a refund was granted without the buyer providing any pictures. I disagree with this decision. I have video evidence of the item being shipped via USPS and can provide it if needed. Please review this case again. Thank you. eBay username: kicksoriginal. Email: [redacted] Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman857667 on samedi 7 juillet 2018 12:40
I wanted to share a recent disappointing experience I had with a seller who goes by the email address sale_buy_666. I purchased a pair of Sennheiser IE800 headphones from them, which were advertised as genuine. Despite some initial concerns about counterfeiting in the headphone market, I was pleased with the sound quality compared to my previous earphones. However, after learning about the prevalence of fake IE800’s, I had the headphones verified at a shop and discovered they were indeed counterfeit. I contacted the seller multiple times expressing my concerns and seeking a resolution, but unfortunately, they did not respond. I feel compelled to bring this to your attention for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I request a refund since the headphones were not as advertised. Secondly, the seller continues to list other IE800s as genuine. Moreover, the earphone casing has since detached, making them unusable. I have informed the seller of this issue as well, but have received no response to date. I appreciate your attention to this matter and hope to hear from you soon. Best, Robin Morris
Reported by GetHuman862168 on lundi 9 juillet 2018 11:12
Ref: Screen name - gwhitegate Resolution case number - [redacted] Product - Amazon Fire TV After returning the Amazon Fire TV to the seller, I provided the tracking number (from Thailand) in the case details: RR[redacted]96TH. Upon tracking the item, I discovered it was rejected at the airport owing to the batteries inside. Subsequently, I removed the batteries, repackaged the item, and sent it back to the seller with a different tracking number: RR[redacted]34TH. I have not found a solution for this issue in the help section as it appears to be unique. Could you please update this information on your end?
Reported by GetHuman862232 on lundi 9 juillet 2018 11:57
Hello, I am experiencing an issue with an order that was supposed to arrive by July 3rd at the latest. Despite sending multiple emails, I have only received one response. This order was meant to be a birthday gift and is now late, causing me frustration. I am disappointed in eBay as I have now been let down twice in this regard. Amazon handles customer service more efficiently, resolving issues promptly over chat. Due to this lack of response and delay, I am opting to order similar items through Amazon Prime in the future for guaranteed delivery and quick issue resolution. The specific item in question is the "Charmed: Complete Seasons 1-8 (DVD Box Set)" sold by zoomonline, with the order placed on June 24, [redacted], under item number [redacted]99.
Reported by GetHuman-lisajr on lundi 9 juillet 2018 11:58
As the seller, with the username "alphascorpiids," I have recently received a return request initiated by the buyer "maybe_95." The buyer claims that the stain on the item is much larger than it appeared in the pictures provided. I find this challenging to comprehend since I made sure to capture several detailed photos of the sweatshirt from various angles to accurately represent its size and placement. Despite my clear description and thorough visual documentation, the buyer insists that the item does not match the description. Furthermore, almost two weeks have passed since the delivery without any communication from the buyer until now. I suspect this might be a case of buyer's remorse and am hesitant to accept the return, fearing it might negatively impact my seller ratings. The item in question is a Men’s Vintage 90s Guess George’s Marciano Deer Valley Utah Sweatshirt in Size XL with the item number [redacted]99 and return ID [redacted]. I would appreciate any advice regarding this situation.
Reported by GetHuman862504 on lundi 9 juillet 2018 13:53
Hello, I am experiencing an issue with a product I ordered. The item number is [redacted]09. The seller provided a misleading description, and when I attempted to contact them, they closed the case without addressing the problems. Upon returning from a trip, I discovered the laptop I received has several issues, requiring me to purchase new parts to repair it. Despite the seller refusing a return, I believe a refund is a reasonable request considering the costs of repairs. Here is the link to the item for reference: [redacted]. Thank you for your assistance.
Reported by GetHuman-istooke on lundi 9 juillet 2018 18:19
Hello, I purchased a used iPhone in October [redacted] and have been using it ever since. The seller mentioned that it was not unlocked at the time but assured that I should be able to unlock it since it was no longer under contract with AT&T. Initially, I didn't unlock it as I was using it with H2O. Now, I want to switch to a different carrier but encounter an error when trying to unlock it through AT&T. Despite contacting AT&T customer care, they advised me to reach out to eBay for assistance. AT&T mentioned that since the device appears to be active on another account, eBay could help escalate the issue to address the seller who may have sold a locked device. My IMEI number is [redacted][redacted], and you can contact me at [redacted] This matter is quite urgent for me.
Reported by GetHuman-vasudev on lundi 9 juillet 2018 19:55
I purchased a set of headlights for my [redacted] Hyundai Elantra, expecting to receive a Grille as advertised on eBay. When my headlights arrived, the hood Grille was missing. The seller informed me there was an error on their end and I could only return the headlights, which I already installed, leaving me without a car. The seller's explanation doesn't seem right as the Grille was clearly included in the listing. I feel cheated and need assistance with this frustrating situation. Thank you for your help.
Reported by GetHuman-ayojoe on mardi 10 juillet 2018 05:34

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