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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about eBay customer service, archive #9. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported June 26, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I purchased [redacted] 4mm stainless steel flat washers from kcmodelaccessories777 on Buy It Now. Despite paying in full, only 10 washers were sent. After contacting them multiple times without a response, I threatened to escalate to eBay for a refund. Within minutes, they refunded me, but there has been no communication since. Unfortunately, the transaction now appears in my purchase history as "Unpaid" with a PayPal flag. While PayPal acknowledges the payment and refund, this constant reminder in my history is bothersome. I kindly request to have it removed. Thank you, Dave
Reported by GetHuman-daveswan on вторник, 26 июня 2018 г., 15:11
This is my fourth issue with eBay. I haven't received my package, and UPS claims it is lost. The tracking number is 1Z68223Y[redacted], and the item I ordered is [redacted]41. I am also paying for Square Trade for a product I have not received. UPS mentioned it was on the delivery truck but got lost. Another security system I bought was defective, and the headphones I ordered were old with a rotted headband. I am considering not purchasing from eBay again due to the numerous problems experienced. The wait time to speak with a representative is around 30 minutes, which is too long. I request a chargeback on my credit card for both the merchandise and the Square Trade. You can reach me at [redacted]. - Frank Wood
Reported by GetHuman-fpw on вторник, 26 июня 2018 г., 21:24
I am having difficulty accessing the refund request for an item sold by BaliandBeyond ([redacted]41). The listing has been removed, and I am unsure how to proceed with the transaction. If payment has been made, I hope the sale will process smoothly. If any delivery concerns arise, I will check the tracking information or reach out to the seller. Should any issues occur, eBay's Resolution Centre is available to assist. Additionally, I am facing challenges with opening a case through PayPal for this purchase, as they state it cannot be initiated. I will attempt to resolve this matter by communicating directly with the seller.
Reported by GetHuman-paulhvac on среда, 27 июня 2018 г., 6:03
Hello Ebay Customer Support, I need assistance with a recent purchase. I was exploring an item and needed to confirm if it could be shipped to my location in Sweden. During this process, it seems the item got reserved under my name accidentally, and I realized it cannot be shipped to me. The seller, frodinsanto, advised me to cancel the order but I am unable to do so myself. They suggested reaching out to you for help in canceling the order. The item in question is a [redacted]-65-66 Thunderbird T-bird 2 new roof bird emblem priced at $27 with the Item ID [redacted]04. Here is an overview of the communication with the seller so far: patwah-0: "Hello, I accidentally ended up on the payment page for the product. I'm new to eBay and just wanted to check the total cost with shipping to Sweden. Please cancel the order for Item ID [redacted]04. Thank you." frodinsanto: "Sure, you'll need to cancel the order on your end. Contact eBay if necessary." patwah-0: "I'm struggling to cancel the order as advised. Can you assist me with this process, please? I find the instructions a bit confusing. Thank you." Thank you, patwah-0
Reported by GetHuman-kallewa on среда, 27 июня 2018 г., 7:11
I recently returned item number [redacted]87, a Bluetooth Smart Watch GSM SIM Phone Mate Z60 Stainless Steel for IOS Android, for a refund. The seller agreed to reimburse both the item cost and the shipping fees. Although they couldn't provide a return shipping label, they assured me that I would be refunded the shipping costs upon submitting the receipt. I complied and uploaded the receipt as requested. To my disappointment, I was only refunded for the watch, not the shipping as agreed. When I pointed this out, the seller initially claimed to have issued a shipping label, contradicting our previous communications. Despite my reminders and multiple receipt uploads, I have not received the promised reimbursement for shipping. This breach of agreement has been frustrating, especially considering the seller's advertised return policy. As a long-standing eBay customer, I value integrity and fair treatment. I seek assistance in addressing this issue to hold the seller accountable for their promises, highlighting the importance of honesty and customer satisfaction in our transactions.
Reported by GetHuman-saarahaf on среда, 27 июня 2018 г., 10:35
Hello, I am experiencing issues with an e-bike I purchased from Viking in Bolton via eBay on January 15th. Three weeks ago, the left-hand crank came off while I was riding it. I repaired it, but unfortunately, it came off again yesterday. Additionally, the sensor keeps cutting out while I'm riding. I contacted someone at Viking, who mentioned sending a replacement, but it seems impossible to undo due to its placement behind a fixed bracket. Despite contacting Viking, I have been repeatedly put off and asked to wait in a queue, with no follow-up. The bike is still under guarantee. Could you please assist and communicate with them on my behalf? Thank you. My name is Michael Whitbrook.
Reported by GetHuman827069 on среда, 27 июня 2018 г., 20:05
I purchased a CPU on eBay, but the seller shipped it to the wrong address. The item was returned to the seller after failing to deliver. Unfortunately, the delivery person put it in the wrong mailbox, and now the item is lost. The USPS system incorrectly shows the item as "Delivered to original sender." eBay's system believes the item has been delivered to me, which isn't the case. The seller agreed to refund my purchase, but due to this situation, the refund is stuck in eBay's system, and PayPal shows no record of the refund. In frustration, I clicked on returning the item, but since I never received it, the process is now stuck. The seller's PayPal account is also locked due to this unresolved issue. I need help resolving this. Item ID: [redacted]59
Reported by GetHuman-ycui on четверг, 28 июня 2018 г., 6:41
I purchased a classic car from a dealer with reference number [redacted]26 and was assured that the vehicle came with a V5 logbook. However, upon delivery, the logbook was not present as promised. Despite reaching out to the dealer multiple times, I have not received a resolution as he seems uninterested now that he has been paid. Selling a vehicle without a V5 logbook is illegal and renders the vehicle essentially worthless. Without certain information on the car, obtaining a logbook is impossible. I am seeking either a return of the vehicle to the dealer with a refund or further action to be taken. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-trevormd on четверг, 28 июня 2018 г., 8:37
I purchased a laptop for $[redacted].99 with import charges of $91.24 and $50 for shipping, totaling $[redacted] USD, which is equivalent to [redacted] EUR. I am concerned if I will have to pay additional fees upon the item's arrival in my country since a similar product is available here for [redacted] EUR. I understand that the Global Shipping Program (GSP) covers forwarding incoming charges like taxes; however, I am worried about potential extra expenses that could total [redacted]-[redacted] EUR, approximately $[redacted].72. This situation feels unfair, especially given my recent job loss this week, making it challenging for me to afford the additional costs upon delivery. I am considering seeking a full refund if this issue is not resolved within 12 hours. If not, I may avoid using GSP in the future due to the lack of clarity and potential financial burden on buyers compared to sellers.
Reported by GetHuman-justasc on четверг, 28 июня 2018 г., 14:17
I received a message from eBay with details about a transaction for a [redacted] Nissan Murano LE. The seller is Hannah Reid from Salt Lake City, and the buyer is Thomas Ransom from Florence. The payment of $1,[redacted].00 is pending, and the buyer needs to pay to have the item shipped. The payment must be made at a Walmart location using the eBay verified agent's details. To avoid fees, declare the transfer is for a relative or friend. After payment, send a picture of the Walmart receipt to eBay for confirmation. Once the payment is verified, the seller will ship the item. The buyer has 5 days to inspect the item. If accepted, eBay will release the payment to the seller. If rejected, the refund process will be initiated. Contact eBay with the inspection results.
Reported by GetHuman830573 on четверг, 28 июня 2018 г., 20:14
Good morning, I am looking to start a hand grip phone holder business on eBay, but I am facing issues listing my items due to selling limits. I have 85 varieties of pop-up holders, yet my limit is set at $[redacted] or 10 items per month. I have bought items on eBay multiple times, but I am now using a new business PayPal account, leading to the restricted limit. Anticipating selling at least 10 products daily, I am frustrated by the limit. I am new to selling on eBay which may explain the low restriction. I am interested in subscribing to a basic eBay store but am unable to do so without listing my products. Could you kindly assist me as I am all set to proceed? Concerning insertion fees and subtitles, I am willing to pay $2.20 for a subtitle, and my query is whether the fee is charged per each hand grip sold or just a one-time payment for all 85 variations. Thank you for your assistance and time. Kind regards, Natasha
Reported by GetHuman-kkennp on пятница, 29 июня 2018 г., 4:55
Good Morning, I am in the process of starting a hand grip phone holder business on eBay. I've encountered an issue with listing my items due to selling limits. Despite having two varieties of pop-up holders, my limit is either $**** or ** items per month. My purchases on eBay have been frequent, but using a new business PayPal account seems to restrict my selling capability. Anticipating selling at least ** items daily, I recognize my lack of selling history on eBay. I am inclined to subscribe to a basic eBay store but am unable to do so without listing items first. I seek advice on insertion fees and subtitles. I am prepared to pay $*.** for a subtitle for each design but wish to confirm whether it is a one-time charge or applies to each hand grip sold. Your time and assistance are greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Natasha
Reported by GetHuman-kkennp on пятница, 29 июня 2018 г., 5:07
I am writing to share my frustrating experience with an item return for a refund. The seller guaranteed a full refund along with the shipping cost, but they were unable to provide a shipping label and instructed me to send it back at my expense, promising to reimburse me upon receipt of the shipping receipt. I complied and submitted the necessary documents, but only received a refund for the item, not the shipping cost. Upon reminding them of the agreement, they inaccurately claimed to have already provided a shipping label. I pointed out our initial conversation where they mentioned I should cover the shipping and they would refund me later. Despite multiple attempts to upload the shipping receipt as requested, I have not received the promised refund for the shipping cost. As a loyal customer, I am disappointed by their dishonesty and lack of accountability. I am reaching out for assistance in addressing this issue, as I believe it is about upholding principles rather than just the money involved. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-saarahaf on пятница, 29 июня 2018 г., 13:34
I ordered the LED Rear Submersible Trailer Tail Lights Kit from archkintu for $21.99 as a Guest. The item number is [redacted]48, and the transaction ID is [redacted][redacted], with payment made on June 4, [redacted]. I was expecting delivery between June 5 to June 8 at my USPS mailbox: A.C., P.O. Box [redacted], Lyman, WY [redacted]. The purchase was made by my husband, D.E., using PayPal. However, archkintu claimed my address is invalid, even though I have received mail there for 30 years from the small post office that serves the entire town. I provided alternative addresses, but they were rejected. I canceled the order when they wouldn't ship and requested a refund on my husband's card, which has not been processed. I am requesting archkintu to refund the money for the lights promptly.
Reported by GetHuman-aclemens on пятница, 29 июня 2018 г., 20:14
I bought the LED Rear Submersible Trailer Tail Lights Kit from archkintu for $21.99 as a Guest. The item number is [redacted]48, and the transaction ID is [redacted][redacted], processed on June 4, [redacted]. I expected delivery between June 5 to June 8 at my USPS mailbox: Anna Clemens, P.O. Box [redacted], Lyman, WY [redacted]. Despite having received mail at this address for 30 years, archkintu claimed it was invalid. I suggested alternative addresses, but none were accepted. Even my physical address, [redacted] CR [redacted] #[redacted], was rejected. I canceled the order when the seller refused to ship, and now I am seeking a refund as they have yet to do so, citing potential losses if they refund the purchase. My husband's credit card was charged for this transaction, and I am requesting archkintu to process the refund promptly.
Reported by GetHuman-aclemens on пятница, 29 июня 2018 г., 20:16
I recently made my first purchase on eBay, buying a used Apple Watch Series 2 from seller “awesomestuff111” (item# [redacted]42). Despite asking the seller if the watch was deactivated from the account and in proper working condition, I received it with an activation lock that prevents it from syncing with my iPhone. The seller unhelpfully advised me to go to an Apple store for free unlocking, which is not a standard procedure without proof of purchase. The seller's refusal to deactivate the device or provide a solution has left me with a useless item. I have requested a refund and return as the seller misrepresented the product, leaving me disappointed with my first eBay experience.
Reported by GetHuman-angelyme on суббота, 30 июня 2018 г., 17:03
Hello, I am a store owner who has been enjoying listing items on eBay that haven't sold in my physical store. Transitioning to eBay has been exciting, though I have encountered an issue with the limited number of listings per month, currently set at only 10. I would be grateful if my listing capacity could be increased as I am eager to showcase my products to eBay buyers promptly. Collaborating with eBay has been a positive experience, and I am determined to provide buyers with exceptional service in alignment with eBay's policies. I am enthusiastic about selling my products and am committed to doing so responsibly. I appreciate your attention to this matter and eagerly await your response. Best regards, Biorsi SULA
Reported by GetHuman-ebaybusi on воскресенье, 1 июля 2018 г., 0:14
I used eBay gift cards to buy a [redacted] VW dune buggy for $[redacted]. The seller, [redacted], suggested using eBay Vehicle Protection Plan for safety. Contact number for eBay provided was [redacted]. An invoice confirmed my payment. The order number is [redacted]09. When I called for payment confirmation, it was received. Later, when inquiring about the shipment status and a chance to communicate with the shipping company for directions, "David," an eBay Customer Service Rep, declined to share details or connect me to the shipper.
Reported by GetHuman838121 on воскресенье, 1 июля 2018 г., 1:26
I bought a Fortnite account on eBay a month ago. About two weeks back, the seller reset the Gmail password they provided, but I managed to regain access. Five days ago, the seller tried to recover the account, which worried me. I contacted eBay, and a specialist advised me to email Epic Games. I was concerned about violating their terms of service, but the specialist assured me it would be fine. After I sent the email, Epic responded that buying or selling accounts goes against their terms, warning of consequences. Sadly, my account was permanently banned, and Epic Games won't refund my purchased items. I'm feeling lost and frustrated about what to do next.
Reported by GetHuman-thomasxi on воскресенье, 1 июля 2018 г., 4:56
Hello. I reached out to Ebay on June 9 regarding my belt order placed in May that I have yet to receive. After a month of waiting and submitting a complaint, I was informed that the seller did not provide valid tracking details. They mentioned issuing a $13.99 refund to my original payment method. Yet, I never received this refund. I am eager to receive the proper refund. Thank you. Case ID: [redacted] Seller ID: grapes-company Product: Tactical Heavy Duty US Soldier Men's SWAT Military Belt Combat Army durable Belt.
Reported by GetHuman839611 on воскресенье, 1 июля 2018 г., 19:12

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