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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Facebook customer service, archive #87. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported June 29, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I recently started using Messenger, which I know is a Facebook tool. I always believed that Facebook and all related platforms were safe from hacking attacks. However, a longtime friend and former coworker/teacher had their Messenger account compromised. This friend, Polly K., sent me a message recommending a government assistance application site. I trusted her guidance, assuming it was secure. Unfortunately, the site turned out to be a fake, and I fell for it without realizing. Despite my suspicions, I proceeded with the process after a request for $1,[redacted] for taxes and shipping, as Polly claimed success in receiving a grant through this. Feeling uneasy, I even visited her in person to clarify, only to discover she had indeed been hacked. I trusted in the security of Facebook Messenger and now, due to this breach, I lost money intended for roof repairs and my girls' summer clothes. This loss set me back significantly financially. I temporarily deactivated my Facebook and Messenger accounts in response. I tracked the hackers to the San Antonio, TX region, with money going to a Missouri address and operating under the name "GACS." I deeply hope for a resolution and a refund for the $1,[redacted] I lost due to this distressing experience.
Reported by GetHuman-dannyccr on शुक्रवार, २९ जून २०१८, दोपहर ४:३६ बजे
I suspect my account has been compromised. Although I can log in, I'm not receiving text messages as my friends mentioned that my phone number might have been changed. My malfunctioning phone has caused significant problems with my Facebook account. I have submitted multiple screenshots, 2 photos, and 2 forms of identification to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, I keep receiving messages implying that I made certain changes. With [redacted] friends on Facebook, this situation is incredibly frustrating. Suffering from Cerebral Palsy and surviving a bus accident in [redacted], my online friends are important to me. I feel like I'm facing bullying in this situation, which is disheartening.
Reported by GetHuman833283 on शुक्रवार, २९ जून २०१८, दोपहर ४:४५ बजे
Dear Facebook, I am reaching out to request assistance for a friend who is facing unjust criticism in a business review. The review appears to be from a former employee and is causing distress to a hardworking single mother in our small mountain town. I have observed misuse of social media platforms for spreading negativity, making me hesitant to be active on Facebook. The review seems to have been made knowing it cannot be easily removed by the owners. While we can offer support, flooding the page may not be the right solution. Despite blocking the individual responsible, the victim remains deeply affected by the hurtful comments. Deleting the review would bring much-needed relief to the victim, who is going through a lot. Age, appearance, or attire should not dictate how one is treated, only the owner's approval should matter. The business in question is Orourkes Restaurant in Driggs, Idaho. I kindly ask for your understanding and support for this family in our tight-knit community. Sincerely, Watts Barden
Reported by GetHuman-wattsrip on शुक्रवार, २९ जून २०१८, दोपहर ४:५३ बजे
I've recently been released from prison after a 2-year sentence, and unfortunately, I've forgotten the passwords to my email accounts, making it impossible to access my Facebook account. I created a new email address at [redacted], but I'm having trouble retrieving the recovery number in time before it resets. Could you please send me a link to the provided email address so I can regain access to my Facebook account? The original email associated with my Facebook account is [redacted] for signing in and account recovery. I don't have a phone number yet as I've only been out for three days. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kevin B.
Reported by GetHuman-bemmanke on शुक्रवार, २९ जून २०१८, शाम ५:३८ बजे
My daughter recently passed away unexpectedly, and her ex-boyfriend memorialized her account without our knowledge. As her mother, I believe I should have had the option to decide on her account's status. She trusted me with her password, indicating she would have wanted me to have access. Losing her has been incredibly difficult, and her account has been a source of solace for me, especially our shared love for playing Farmville and the memories we created together. I would like to regain access to her account to stay connected with her friends and continue playing her beloved game. Furthermore, it may contain important information regarding the individual responsible for contributing to her passing. I kindly request assistance in this matter as it would mean a great deal to me.
Reported by GetHuman-davc on शुक्रवार, २९ जून २०१८, शाम ५:४३ बजे
I recently made a purchase from a collector group and unfortunately received the item in a faulty condition. The seller refused a refund, claiming I must have assembled it incorrectly. I sought advice from group administrators who confirmed the seller's failure to disclose the item's faults and return policy constitutes a fraudulent sale. Despite informing the seller of this, I received no response. Following a lack of communication, I filed a fraudulent sale claim with my bank. The seller then posted misleading information about me in her selling group, tarnishing my reputation. My bank refunded me a partial amount, advising me to keep the item since the seller did not engage. The seller is now threatening me unless I return the item. I'm unsure about the policies on Facebook regarding fraudulent sales.
Reported by GetHuman-ramonaha on शुक्रवार, २९ जून २०१८, शाम ६:३८ बजे
I deactivated my Facebook account temporarily due to feeling overwhelmed, extending for about four months. The challenge I'm facing now is not remembering my password or the linked mobile number. I've tried to reactivate it by sending a photo of myself along with the requested code, as well as providing my ID, but unfortunately, with no response from Facebook. Since I no longer have access to the phone number linked to my account, I am unable to receive the verification code. I urgently need to regain access to my account for important reasons. I kindly ask for assistance in resolving this matter.
Reported by GetHuman834094 on शुक्रवार, २९ जून २०१८, शाम ६:४४ बजे
A close friend of mine and I recently reconnected on Facebook after he was recently mugged. He has a new phone but is locked out of his Facebook account which he values sentimentally. Despite his request for help, I am unable to access his Gmail to reset his password because he doesn't remember his own information. We've tried various options but are stuck. I tried reaching out to Facebook customer service but couldn't find a phone number. This forum seems like a last resort for assistance since we are unable to verify his personal details. If you can't provide help, could you please guide me to the right person? Thanks - Alex
Reported by GetHuman834137 on शुक्रवार, २९ जून २०१८, शाम ६:४९ बजे
I am experiencing difficulties logging into my Facebook account and resetting my password using either my email or phone number. I recently got an email stating that my phone number [redacted] was deactivated by Facebook for text messages due to my mobile service provider not recognizing the number as valid. I am currently at my provider, T-Mobile, and can confirm that my number has not been changed or affected. I urgently need assistance in receiving a text or email to regain access to my account. This is crucial for me to stay in touch with my family and friends, especially since I am currently far away from home. I greatly appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you, Jason.
Reported by GetHuman-toriboy on शुक्रवार, २९ जून २०१८, शाम ७:०९ बजे
My Facebook account was hacked after clicking on a link a friend sent me yesterday. Initially, it appeared to be a video link and prompted me to log in. Upon realizing it was a scam, I changed my password. However, I am now unable to proceed past the two-factor authentication as I do not have the Code Generator. I never downloaded the app nor am I automatically logged in on my computer, which would enable me to access the Code Generator from my account. I have attempted to verify my identity by sending a government ID but am uncertain about when I will receive a response. I am eager to regain access to my account. In addition, I inadvertently used my phone number to set up trusted contacts on my father's account, resulting in my actual account losing its phone number. I received a notification via email, and I believe my email is crucial to verifying my account, though I am currently unable to progress due to the Code Generator limitation.
Reported by GetHuman834467 on शुक्रवार, २९ जून २०१८, शाम ७:५५ बजे
Hello! I am unsure why my account was disabled. Facebook authorities indicated there were multiple potential issues, but no specific reason was given. Just a few minutes ago, I could log in, but now I am unable to after simply chatting with friends. I have submitted my National ID card issued by the Government of Bangladesh with the ID number [redacted]. Additionally, I provided another ID from North South University, where I am studying BBA. P.S.: Due to my lengthy name, my Facebook ID is abbreviated to Badhon Ahmed, unlike my full name (Golam Borhan Uddin Ahamed Badhon) on my NID and University ID. Kindly return my account as it is crucial to me, and please specify the exact reason for its disablement.
Reported by GetHuman-badhonbr on शुक्रवार, २९ जून २०१८, रात १०:२२ बजे
Last night, I started receiving texts and phone calls regarding messages being sent from my Facebook account, even though I was not active on the platform at the time. Upon realizing this, I immediately changed my password, thinking it would resolve the issue. However, it appears that someone has created a fake account using my name and photo, different from my actual account, and has been sending messages to my contacts. I am extremely frustrated that I was unable to reach anyone for assistance in closing this fraudulent account, leading to continued unauthorized messages being sent. I am concerned about the information they may have accessed, including my photos, and worried about the security of my business page. I hope to find a resolution to this distressing situation soon.
Reported by GetHuman835069 on शुक्रवार, २९ जून २०१८, रात १०:२९ बजे
Hello, I recently had my personal ad account on Facebook disabled, which has been quite frustrating. I attempted to appeal this decision, but I have not received any response for the past four days, leaving me unsure of the reason behind this action. While I have faced some rejections in the past for using language related to my music as a rapper, I have always steered away from promoting anything inappropriate like drugs or weapons. A key aspect I promote is medical marijuana, which should not warrant such serious consequences. Given that my recent ads were even approved, the sudden disabling of my account amidst positive ads has been confusing. I have considered setting up a business manager as a possible solution to avoid future issues, but I am seeking guidance on the best course of action moving forward to prevent any similar situations from happening again. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, J. U. Leiderman
Reported by GetHuman835104 on शुक्रवार, २९ जून २०१८, रात १०:३८ बजे
My name is Tina Sorenson Green. I'm reaching out because my personal Facebook account, under the ID [redacted] and the name Tina Sorenson with a profile picture of Wisconsin state and myself with my grandsons, has been disabled. I would like to understand the reason for this action and kindly request that you reopen my account. I did not intentionally violate any of Facebook's rules. All I did was share content that I enjoyed from others. I truly appreciate if you could assist me in recovering and reopening my account as I wish to continue using it without any issues. Please contact me via email at [redacted] to provide an update on the status of my account. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman835105 on शुक्रवार, २९ जून २०१८, रात १०:५४ बजे
I am puzzled why your contact number, [redacted], is available for public use when your message indicates that "NOBODY ANSWERS THIS NUMBER." I must urgently speak with you regarding my accounts and request the deletion of several Facebook pages and accounts as listed below: Pages to DELETE: - Ehorizonyes - Yesenia T. - yesfreedoms.com Accounts to DELETE: - Yesefeedomscom Topete - Yesenia Topete-Munoz Moreover, I am seeking assistance in RECOVERING MY DISABLED ACCOUNT page: Yesenia Topete, which is vital for me as I am actively promoting it. I am unsure why the account was disabled but am committed to adhering to guidelines more diligently. I anticipate your prompt response to address these concerns. Having a phone line available for direct communication with agents would greatly help customers like me express needs efficiently without resorting to lengthy messages. Kindly consider implementing this in the future. Despite the frustration of unanswered calls, I urge you to prioritize deleting the specified pages and accounts promptly. Your swift resolution is essential for me to resume my work effectively. Sincerely, Yesenia
Reported by GetHuman835685 on शनिवार, ३० जून २०१८, रात २:३५ बजे
My father, a veteran, and my mother fell victim to a scam involving an assistance dog. They have a signed contract and receipt from the scammer, whom they video chatted with once through my mother's Facebook account. Unfortunately, there are no messages, making it difficult to locate the scammer's Facebook account. Communication continued over the phone, text, and in-person meetings. After paying a "deposit fee" for the dog, they have been unsuccessful in reaching the scammer at the provided number. This situation has had a severe impact on my father's health, causing him to deteriorate significantly. We possess information like the scammer's name, mobile number, and general location, and we are able to provide a picture of the contract and receipt. Any assistance in locating this individual's profile or gathering more information to involve the authorities would be greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman835722 on शनिवार, ३० जून २०१८, रात २:५२ बजे
I recently started a business and wanted to expand my reach by creating a Facebook account. My original name, "The Crazy Chicken Lady's Curious Concoctions," was too long, so I attempted to change it to "All Natural Southern Sass." However, Facebook has repeatedly denied the change without sending the promised email notifications. This issue is concerning as my customers won't be able to find me, and I might have to resort to creating a new page. I've tried adjusting the name to variations like "All Natural Southern Sass in a Jar," but my ideal choice is simply "All Natural Southern Sass." I would appreciate any assistance in resolving this matter. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman835773 on शनिवार, ३० जून २०१८, रात ३:३० बजे
I created a page called SoJourns Chapel for our church study group. Suddenly, I was signed out and asked to upload a picture of myself. When trying to send a picture of our pastor, it said the picture was too small. We attempted using the picture we initially used to set up the page, but it was not accepted. We established this page less than a week ago and are currently locked out. Our study group is set to begin next Saturday, and we were hoping to have our page active by then. - Rick
Reported by GetHuman-sojourns on शनिवार, ३० जून २०१८, सुबह ४:५५ बजे
I am experiencing difficulties logging into my account after selling my phone without logging out of Facebook. Despite using my current email to sign in, the platform does not recognize it. I have attempted different methods over the past two days but to no avail. Although I created a new account temporarily, I prefer to regain access to my original account which I had for over 7 years. While I tried to update my phone number, it only redirects me to the new account. It seems like my old account has vanished as I am only able to access the new one. Facebook keeps sending verification codes to my old number which I no longer use, and my current email is not being recognized.
Reported by GetHuman-loarca on शनिवार, ३० जून २०१८, सुबह ५:०२ बजे
My partner has been facing harassment issues. A photo of her with her father on her Facebook page has prompted her ex-mother-in-law to harass her. The ex-mother-in-law went as far as taking the picture from my partner's page and posting it as her own. When asked to remove it, she refused. This has caused a lot of stress for my partner, especially nearing the anniversary of her father’s passing and being pregnant. The ex-mother-in-law, Nikki Dowlen, needs to remove the picture she posted without permission. My partner, Aron Down, is struggling with this situation. Any help in stopping this drama would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your attention.
Reported by GetHuman-coffeyjo on शनिवार, ३० जून २०१८, सुबह ५:२० बजे

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